But Will They Take Any Notice

We are angry.

Nearly half of Britons say they are angry with politics and politicians, according to a Guardian/ICM poll analysing the disconnect between British people and their democracy.

The research, which explores the reasons behind the precipitous drop in voter turnout – particularly among under-30s – finds that it is anger with the political class and broken promises made by high-profile figures that most rile voters, rather than boredom with Westminster.

Well, yes. Look at what we are faced with – identical faceless men and women with near identical policies all chasing that elusive middle ground. A system that is populated by the career politician who has gone from school to university where they got a PPE and then into politics operating in a system that changes only according to those swing voters in marginal constituencies. If you live in a safe seat, you effectively have no voice.

They spew out legislation without ever having had to suffer the consequences of their actions, they are arrogant and self-righteous in that arrogance to assume that they know better than we how we should live our lives, so they hector us about our eating habits, drinking, smoking, driving and whatever other facet takes their fancy to micromanage. They steal great swathes of our money to piss up the wall on their friends in the third sector, many of whom like them have never done a proper days work in their lives and whose purpose is to lobby for the very restrictions that the politicians want to impose anyway. Except that because they call it “tax” and not stealing – it isn’t really stealing at all. Although, of course given that these scoundrels have been busy helping themselves to our money and calling it “expenses” I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised that they do not understand the concept of theft.

There is no justification for the amount of money lifted from our wallets. The so-called cuts that were, in fact, even more money actually borrowed than the previous administration (and the one before that) has done nothing to ease the burden placed upon the private sector – the one that actually produces wealth rather than leeching off it.

Disband all the quangos, stop giving our money to charities and slash the amount of politicians sitting in the house and make them part-time to reduce their ability to make new laws. And, they must demonstrate a successful career outside politics before being eligible to enter the race.

That would be a start at least. Although we could just hang the lot of them and put their heads on spikes outside the Tower. I’m sure the level of interest in politics would get a boost from that…

Thing is, this poll tells us nothing new. And there is no reason why the scum in the House would have not been aware. They just choose to ignore it – blame it on apathy. If they tell the same old lies often enough, people will believe them. It’s worked okay so far, after all. So, no, I don’t expect them to do anything. We will get more of the same drivel, lies,subterfuge and promises that aren’t worth the air they are breathed from. These vile creatures will be begging us to endorse them in 2015, while knowing full well that once the election is over it is back to normal and shafting us – stealing even more of our money to fund their largesse and wastefulness, raiding even more of our liberties and attempting to micromanage every facet of our lives with their excessive control freakery. They don’t care about us. Why should we care about them? I certainly don’t; other than to string them up, of course.


  1. I am sending this to my German web sites as well.

    Because we have EXACTY the same problems.

    “House”, read Reichstag, Riksdag, and whatever it is in French, Spanish, Portugese, Polish……

    This is a European problem. And, by European, I do not mean the “E.U”, rather the PEOPLE of Europe. Geographical, NOT “political.”

    I am sure our friends from the U.S, Australia, etc could tell similar stories.

    Democcracy dies when we only have the choice between Spam and chips, spam and cabbage, spam and spam, spam spam spam and spam, spam and custard….

    Aye! You can change the side dish, but it is all SPAM at th end of the “vote.”

    Henry Ford springs to mind “Any colour you want, so long as it is black.”

  2. Could it be that most of our politicians are the educational spawn of just a couple of PPE lecturers at Oxbridge? If so no wonder they are all the same.

  3. Makes I laugh it does, they are all little grey people with a need to wear brightly coloured ties to try and make us all think they are fun and interesting, which they are not.
    I can’t imagine Winston Churchill in a pink shirt with a lilac tie !
    People of personality don’t need brightly coloured clothes to make a point, get attention, or be looked at, because what they say has substance and depth. These garishly clad politicos need bright ties to get noticed they are trying to be of the people but instead they look like a bowl of boiled cabbage soup with a pretty bow on, after all it’s still a bowl of cabbage soup and it still tastes vile the bow no matter how brightly coloured does not improve the flavour and make dull insipid cabbage soup more interesting or platable.

    • No, it’s inefficient. Having despatched them on the scaffold, you then need to sever the neck from the shoulders in order to place the head on the pole.

      Far better to re-introduce the block and the hooded axeman, thereby cutting out (pardon the pun) one unnecessary operation.

      And for those whose behaviour has been especially reprehensible, we could omit the block and just insert the pole from behind at hip level, and push upwards until the pointy end reaches the head.


      • Oh, impaling – the ancient Egyptians were rather in favour of that one. I can think of a few deserving cases. Camoron, Millipede and Cloggy, step forward, please.

      • Bringing back the stocks would be an ideal solution for bent politicians, police and other public sector officials. And it would solve our supposed “food waste” problem and give a huge boost to tomato sales. People could even be encouraged to throw “deadly” fag ends (preferably still lit).

        • …and the tomatoes (and other ‘food waste’) would have to be of the canned variety.

          Still in its can.

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