Grenfell, A Modern Morality Tale

Others have covered the Grenfell story and I have no wish to rehash it. What struck me though is that it reflects on attitudes that now pervade our society. I watched a snippet of footage where some half-wit was haranguing the guy who has been appointed to chair the inquiry. The objection seems to be that he is not planning to take into account the “wider social issues”. Well, he is correct. They have nothing to do with his remit. The inquiry is there to determine root causes of the fire and the causes of its spread and the chain of decisions that led to catastrophic failure. He will also look at the response and make recommendations there as well, I expect. What I don’t expect is some flimflam about “wider social issues” because they had nothing to do with putting crap, flammable cladding on the outside of tower blocks.

This may highlight criminal negligence and subsequently lead to prosecutions. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, expect to be subjected to decades of whining à la Hillsborough. Whatever justice that is meted out will never be enough. Unless there is a prominent Tory strung up from Tower Bridge with their gizzards hanging out, these people will not be satisfied, for they already know the answer and they want the inquiry to reach that answer and the truth be damned. Indeed, they are not interested in the truth, they are interested only in the answers they want and the answer here is “The Tories Dun it”.

In the meantime, we have people who have been housed having the effrontery to complain because the new housing does not meet their exacting standards or is too far away from their “community”. And no one ever seems to tell them to be thankful for what they have and to shut the fuck up with their incessant whingeing.

Then there is the Charlie Gard debacle. We have Americans telling us that doctors who wish to put an end to his misery are playing God. Well, excuse me, but modern medicine intervening and keeping him alive artificially is playing God. Allowing nature to take its course most certainly is not. This child has no chance of a normal, healthy and happy life. Even if more treatment is given, he will still be brain damaged and unable to lead a normal life without constant care. This is about parents not letting go. They are doing what they want rather than what is best for the child. Sure, that’s their option, but I for one am sick of hearing about it. If they want to go to America, then let them. And let them pay all the incidental costs as well as the costs of his ongoing support when they get home.

Sometimes, I look at my fellow man and despair.


    • She’s spot on. Some idiotic comments below the line on that piece. Apparently, withdrawing life support is playing God to these morons.

  1. This I refer to as the Disneyfication of life. Real,hard horrid life is not sugar coated.

  2. It is quite difficult to think of any issue less suitable for a petition than the technical issue of treatment for a sick baby.

  3. The cladding business was all about climate change really, the climate change act and reducing the carbon footprint. That was the prime objective. Why it also wasn’t fireproof will no doubt be uncovered in due course. The Charlie thing, poor little mite that he is, is about selfishness.

  4. I find this frequently quoted response of so many of the Grenfell residents not wanting to move away from the “community” very curious, because (a) the estate was by all accounts a shit hole and (b) If I’d watched my old home and many of my friends and neighbours barbequed like that I would never want to be near the place ever again.

    • and John, not forgetting that they kept moaning that the wider community despised them because they were ‘poor’ and they got a raw deal from the authorities because they were the poor in an affluent area.

  5. Much as I sympathise with the people at Grenfell, they are milking it for every penny they can get. I puts me in mind of the refugee camps where they burn the camp down because they deplore the standard of care and accomodation they receive. Perhaps they should be grateful for getting something for nothing and being in a safe haven or simply fuck off back to the war torn shit holes they claim they just escaped from?

    I sympathise with the Gards – but they need to love their child enough to let him go and save him from an enforced lifetime of suffering which would no doubt cost the NHS and Social Services millions?

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