And Still

…We are regaled with Brexit bullshit.

Brexit means breakfast will get more expensive, according to new research.

Is there no lie so stupid, so obviously ridiculous, that these people won’t try to exploit it? Project fear failed dismally last year, yet still these charlatans keep peddling it – a bit like the chap who texted me this week with details of a new get rich quick scheme. The scheme was not one I’d come across before, but it had red flags all over it – along with the usual buzz words that said “scam” in big bold letters, so I deleted the text and ignored it. Likewise, I ignore the remainers’ scare stories. This is Britain. We farm our own pigs and chickens.

So, no, I am not remotely concerned about my breakfast being a victim of Brexit. Can we leave yet?


  1. They don’t seem to understand that world food prices for staples like wheat and so on are much cheaper than EU prices.

  2. The only reason the UK imports a lot of poultry and pork from eastern Europe is the assault on farmers by the Blair administration that drove a lot of them out of business. Saw it happen to a lot of my friends and neighbours. Not a happy time, the late 90’s and early 00’s.

    • Agreed.
      Sadly some were driven to even greater desperation. The suicide rate among farmers, including a cousin of mine, soared.

  3. Will the price of Brexit Cornflakes and Brexit Weetabix go up as well? The only time I have a full English breakfast is when I stay in an hotel and the last time was about 18 months ago. I wouldn’t have changed my vote to leave the EU just because a once in a blue moon meal is going to cost me an extra £1 or so, even if what they say is correct.

    And it’s The Independent, anything they say about Brexit should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

    • But other countries will impose tariffs on UK produce. You can be certain that Westminster will reciprocate

  4. It’s hardly a “scare story”. The UK imports most of the food it eats. Food is going to go up. It has already gone up. Fine by me. I’m rich, compared to most people. I trust, however, that the welfare claimants and pensioners, most of whom voted for brexshit, will not demand higher handouts. Because you’re not going to get them

    • Some prices may rise, others may not. It’s still a typical scare story from project fear.

      trust, however, that the welfare claimants and pensioners…

      Nice bit of sweeping generalisation there.


      Yawn. I just stopped listening.

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