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Tesco has urged the government to impose a 2% online sales tax to help pay for a cut in business rates for shops, saying the current system is unfair and is damaging communities across the UK.

Fuck off. Seriously, fuck the fuck off. Compete or die. That is the way of the world. Maybe we should have had a tax on cars to keep the buggy whip manufacturers in business? The world is changing. If you cannot adapt to this, then bye, bye. What should not happen is that consumers be robbed to pay you money that they would not otherwise spend voluntarily with you. The increase in online shopping is perfectly fair. And that’s some chutzpah coming from Tesco, of all organisations, given that their out-of-town shopping centres contributed to the decline of the High Street in the eighties and nineties. Presumably they thought it perfectly fair then when they were the beneficiaries of the change in retail landscape.

So, no, fuck off.


  1. Never cross their world domination threshold, ta all the same.

    Didn’t hear them complaining about such things when they would stuff a local express store within yards of Mr Patel’s mini supermarket, effectively ruining his business when old Mr Patel had been there years on end cheerfully serving his local customers all hours the good Lord sent.
    Can’t have some unimportant little fellow scratching a living when we could take it all for ourselves dear me no…i recall one year when some multi £billion profit was announced and they were ‘disappointed’ WTF!

    As for online, well seeing as how so many large shops and their staff have treated shoppers like a nuisance for years, to be at best ignored, and if you happen to want to use a loo, staff only mate but we don’t mind you pissing several hundred quid our way for something you could have bought 40% cheaper online, and when it goes wrong, tough.
    Not counting the appalling state of the roads and overpriced unsafe parking in general making getting to and from the shops a living nightmare.

    Online’s fine far as we’re concerned, no traffic or parking rip offs, no negotiating past the bloody chuggers beggars or other undesirables, your favourite beverages to hand, clean FREE toilet for the use of, few clicks and the nice chap delivers your goods the next day or so, and if it goes wrong Amazon’s customer services always but always sorts it out.

  2. Genius.

    Consumers pay more tax = less to spend in Tesco.

    Time to have an economic illiteracy tax.

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