I Think We Can Answer This One

The answer being the overton window. Katrina Forrester asks the question in the Guardian:

Centrists have been left perplexed by Brexit and the rise of the right, and have decried the erosion of liberal values. But rather than kneejerk defensiveness, it’s time to embrace a radical ‘reset’ of politics

These is no “rise of the right” as the Guardian would have us believe. We are not looking at a repeat of 1930’s Germany. Trump and Farage are not “literally Hitler”. The vote to leave the EU was not a desire to see goosestepping storm troopers marching down Whitehall. We are not in the thrall of some far right fantasy. It’s a convenient fiction. What has happened is that the political elite and the chattering classes that infest academia and journalism – the progressives – have shifted the overton window so far to the left, that the real centrists – me, for example or say, Carl Benjamin, who are liberals in the classical sense, the genuine centrists, are dubbed “far right” by these people.

The far right – what there is of it, is a very small and insignificant niche. What these people call far right is the vast majority of sensible people who are pretty much in the centre of the political spectrum. We haven’t risen as such, more that we have become frustrated by the demonisation by these political elites and are starting to voice that frustration.

It’s often said that we are also witnessing a crisis of liberalism: liberal norms are being eroded, institutions are under threat, and across Europe, parties of the centre are haemorrhaging votes.

I’d agree that liberalism is under threat, but it isn’t from this boogieman that the Guardian and its ilk are creating. They are the threat, for they are the ones championing hate speech laws, deplatforming and getting people sacked for merely expressing the truth. Indeed, we now have the tech giants blocking people who merely state biological facts.

We are not the extremists here. We are not the ones who are undermining liberal values. We are the ones championing them in a hostile environment that seeks to squash dissenting voices.

We are not far right – you are far left. You are so far from the centre and liberalism, you wouldn’t recognise them if they got up and bitch-slapped you across the face with a wet kipper.



  1. The current Conservative party are now far too left wing for me to consider voting for. That makes me right wing by comparison presumably.

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