1. That was a strange kind of stream of consciousness. He seems to think that the Labour party could offer something useful to ordinary working people if it weren’t so insanely left wing. But even the more sane socialism was still socialism and made ordinary people worse off whenever it was tried. As far as I’m concerned Labour being infested with mad lefties who are as thick as mince is a good thing. If the moronic Owen Jones is helping to maintain the status quo that too is a good thing.

    • There was a time when the Labour movement had a purpose. I think that time has passed, though. However, we do need an effective opposition. A proper liberal party would be ideal.

      As for the idiot Jones, he once said that I was on the wrong side of the battle of ideas. This from a man whose ideas came down with the Berlin wall.

      • Certainly the lack of a credible opposition is a problem. Similar to your comments on tax havens, they need competition to keep them in line. But I think that the party of small government, low taxes and personal responsibility will have an uphill struggle. So many have been infantilised to the point that they want the state to change their nappies from the cradle to the grave.

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