By the Sword

Jolyan Maugham is a deeply unpleasant man – possibly more unpleasant than his fellow remainer, John Bercow, and that’s quite an achievement. Like the thoroughly egregious Gina Miller, Maugham likes nothing better than to use the law to frustrate a democratic vote. His abuse of the law has hindered the Brexit process this past three and a half years. So colour me somewhat amused by this story.

Hundreds of people have signed a petition calling for the barrister who battered a fox to death to be prosecuted.

The RSPCA has launched an investigation after prominent QC Jolyon Maugham revealed he used a baseball bat to kill the fox trapped in netting protecting chickens in his London garden on Boxing Day.

Despite apologising later for causing ‘upset’, the furore over his attack grew yesterday with thousands of comments on social media and publicity spreading across the world.

As with others on the left, he appears to think that he is immune from the weapons he so readily uses against others. Killing foxes is a touchy subject in these isles. I’m not sure that clubbing one to death counts as humane anyway and clearly others think likewise. But the Twitter storm being used against a nasty creep who has used that very same medium in the past to rally the troops in his war on democracy and to raise money from his gullible followers to fund his use of the courts to undermine the process, is amusing to observe.

Jolyan Maugham is about to be consumed by the beast that he has courted. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Good riddance, frankly.

Paul Brannon, a reputation management consultant, said: ‘What a catastrophic PR disaster from a supposedly learned man.’ He added that the lawyer’s reputation was ‘in tatters’.

Excellent. Couldn’t happen to a better bloke.


  1. It looks to me as if Gina Miller has deleted her LinkedIn account, she doesn’t appear in searches anymore. I was hoping to ask her what she thought of Jolyon.

  2. He added that the lawyer’s reputation was ‘in tatters

    Good news, but I doubt that anything will come of the RSPCA investigation. He’ll deploy all his expertise to drag out, and eventually win, any subsequent prosecution…

    • If I may MD, I would just like to point out that although it is perfectly legal to kill a fox, the law states that it has to be done in a humane manner and therefore certain methods are illegal. Using a baseball bat or club is one of them. The RSPCA don’t need an investigation because the man has confessed in a very public way, but they are not interested in the least about the fox, their only interest in this is how much publicity it can gain for them.

        • But that’s the point LR, the RSPCA are not an authority so have no powers beyond a private prosecution. Personally I think the RSPCA would have no interest (or balls) for that. All they would want is an unnecessary high profile investigation. Its clear, from the guy’s public confession that he’s committed a crime and so the matter needs to be taken up by the authorities. Then hopefully a conviction would see an end to his career.

      • Why would using a baseball bat be necessarily inhumane? I would have thought that one good blow to the foxes head is likely to cause instant death, or at least unconsciousness.

  3. What amazes me is how a supposedly intelligent man thought this was a good thing to tweet about. They think people are interested in every detail of their sad lives. Either way ,prosecuted or not,this story will be fun to follow.

  4. My thought too was, what kind of idiot does something illegal and then brags about it on social media? As stupid as dim bulb youths who commit crimes while filming themselves on their phones.

  5. What is it about twatter and soshul meeja generally? I mean, seriously!

    What is it that makes people who, despite all appearances, one has to assume are possessed of a modicum of intelligence behave like complete mongs!?

    What did this arsehead from hell think was going to happen?

  6. “…He added that the lawyer’s reputation was ‘in tatters’…”

    What reputation? As far as I can see, his reputation has just been confirmed as entirely accurate.

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