Slammy Dunk

Well, he’ll be a shoo-in.

David Lammy today sets out plans to foster a new “civic nationalism” based not on skin colour, religion or ethnicity but on shared values as he lays the ground for a possible pitch at the Labour leadership.

The Tottenham MP would become the first BAME leader of the Labour party, were he to enter and win the race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn that will begin in the new year.

If you thought Jeremy Corbyn was out of his depth as leader, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. This twat makes him appear relatively competent.

Could be fun, though…

Lammy suggests a series of radical reforms, including a British bill of rights and a codified constitution, a new proportional voting system to encourage more compromise in politics, a universal basic income and a compulsory national civic service in which all young people would be compelled to take part.

Ah. So. He is in favour of slavery. That’s interesting.


  1. Tim Worstal is salivating at the prospect. The thing about race though is that it had more or less been put to bed by the 1970s. Sure there were still racists about but such people were widely regarded as morons. Since then, identity politics has been gradually stoking racism back up again and it certainly isn’t those on the right that are to blame.

  2. Please please win David….it will be hilarious. He has no idea outside his bubble what people think of him.

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