Time to Disband

The online hate crime unit is pretty useless at best, downright Orwellian at worst.

Britain’s first police unit for tackling online hate crime has brought charges against less than one per cent of internet trolls it has probed.

Scotland Yard’s ‘online hate crime hub’ has logged 1,851 incidents since its launch in April 2017 – but just 17 cases, or 0.92 per cent, resulted in charges.

That such a unit even exists – along with the existence of the principle of hate crime itself – should send a chill down anyone’s spine. That you can be *persecuted by these people for saying things that the progressives dislike – which is what hate crime means in reality – is a hideous concept as one of our own has discovered. This evil is perpetuated by far left/Islamic groups such as Hope not Hate and Tell Mama, who do their best to stifle any dissent using the weight of the law to do so.

Evil doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The use of the term “troll” has become very loose these days. It is used to describe – and subsequently persecute via this nasty little outfit – anyone who says something that is deemed “phobic” as opposed to actual trolling (such as the absurd Dickie Doubleday/Rickie of this parish a few years back). If you claim that biological facts are true, for example, you are transphobic and can be hounded out of your job. Say it online and you are guilty of a hate incident – which will be recorded even if they decide that no crime has been committed. You might even get a visit from the plod to check your thinking. These people seem to think that what we think and what we say is for them to police. It isn’t. George Orwell was wrong – only in that he was four decades out in his prediction, for we have definitely descended into clownworld where black is now white and it is not okay to be white – where you can be criminalised for merely uttering words and in this time of universal deceit, stating the truth really has become a subversive act.

So, in one way, the headline gives us a glimmer of hope, for they have not exactly been that successful. On the other hand, they don’t need to be, for the process is the punishment.

*Yes, I do mean persecuted and not prosecuted, as persecution for wrongthink is precisely what this is. Sadiq Khan and his grubby little organisation is an exercise in sheer nastiness and wickedness. What an evil little man he is.


  1. Freedom of speech is essential because without it you will have self appointed twerps deciding what is a and isn’t true and what is and isn’t allowed. On the other hand, a good working definition of “wrongthink” would be the kind of ideas that need the weight of the law to protect them from criticism.

  2. Longrider, first of all let me wish you a happy new year and thank you for featuring my case. I have to agree with you that Sadiq Khan’s ‘hate crime hub’ is a monstrous waste of money and needs to be disbanded. The nigh on £2M that this vanity project has cost the London taxpayer could and should have been spent on general policing in the capital.

    I most certainly agree that groups like Hope Not Hate and Tell Mama are a major problem as they have ceased to merely monitor what they call ‘hate’ and instead have become censors and what’s worse they are publicly funded censors. Tell Mama in particular has form for this. For example: They have screamed very loudly about Melanie Phillips use of the word ‘taqiyya’ and are using criminal law precedent (such the Tim Burton case)to try to make the word ‘taqiyya’ a legally forbidden word. My own case partially centres on the use of the word ‘Taqiyya’ and I recall TM telling Melanie Phillips that the word ‘taqiyya’ is now a actionable anti Muslim slur in a push to apparently intimidate Ms Phillips.

    I saw for myself the outrageous waste of taxpayers money that Khan’s ‘hate crime hub’ spent on arresting me and I suspect that there may be other similar or worst wastes of money that can be attributed to Khan’s vanity project.

  3. Thus I am a criminal and guilty of wrongthink. However, I still will say what I like regarding the truth of genetics, XX and XY being immutable regardless of bits of paper. Likewise a nationality is not a race of mankind. And I still use the word mankind too.

  4. Spot on – especially on Sadiq Khan. An odious little bastard indirectly responsible for the deaths of dozens across his disastrous tenure as Mayor. Sadly London seems lost to the Corbinite/ Green/ XR ‘blob’ as he looks certain to get re- election next year, especially now the Anti- Democrat Rory Stewart seems to have peeled off voters from the actual conservative candidate….

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