Vigilante Justice

This is why so-called paedo hunters need to be prosecuted for their actions.

Bungling paedophile hunters livestreamed the confrontation and arrest of an innocent man incorrectly accusing him of trying to groom children.

The group reportedly turned up at the home of 55-year-old man in West Lancashire, and recorded him as they accused him of child sex offences.

So, these moronic arseholes not only turn up making false allegations, they film it and upload it to the Internet.

The whole incident was filmed and posted to the group’s thousands of followers on Facebook despite the man in the video having no previous convictions or being involved in any attempts to commit sex offences against kids.

That’s right – despite being totally wrong, they still put their false allegations up on Farcebook. Christ almighty!

The damage this can cause someone is immeasurable. These scumbags need to feel the full force of the law. They are not the police, they have no authority and they are not bound by the law regarding gathering of evidence and, you know, due diligence, in making sure they have the right person.

“The post, including video and images, has been removed by the administrator of the Facebook page involved.”

That’s a bit fucking late, isn’t it? The damage has been done.

Officers also warned paedophile hunters to get in touch with police instead of taking the law into their own hands.

Well, quite.

At the very least, this needs a civil case and sue the bastards for every penny until they get the message.


  1. “This is why so-called paedo hunters need to be prosecuted for their actions.”

    Whilst this lot do need prosecuting, or some form of corrective action or something, it won’t fix the cause of the problem: loss of confidence in the Police to do their job.

    • True, but vigilantes isn’t the answer. It never is. And this lot need suing to penury for what they did to this man – pour encorager des autres.

  2. Dear Mr Longrider

    The group conspired to enter property as trespassers with intent to harass. Conspiracy is a criminal offence. So is wasting police time.

    False arrest is a criminal offence, but not one the police seem to be liable for anymore, like a lot of offences mere mortals are. I assume the police harvested his fingerprints and DNA to add to their database, which seems to be the main reason for arrests on thin pretexts.

    One hopes the victim will make formal complaint against the group for their criminal activities, and if appropriate, against the police. The police themselves ought to charge them with wasting police time.

    Absent criminal charges, the victim still has recourse to civil law, and ought to sue the pants off the group.

    Paedohysteria is the 21st century witch hunt. We’ve come so far since the Dark Ages.


  3. I despise self aggrandising pedo hunters for the very reason that they are in a good position to fuck up genuine cases by not knowing how to handle evidence and they only seem to do it for their own self importance and publicity

    I once said so in the comments section of our local rag and got the expected response – I must be a pedo. Sigh…

    • Which is why I despise them. It’s got nothing to do with protecting children and everything to do with boosting the egos of these pathetic little saddos.

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