1. My brother in law lives in Uppsala, and it was infuriating when, during our highest and most demented period of lockdown in May, he was sitting in cafes drinking coffee, reading and writing his journal.

    The Swedes may have made some very questionable demographic decisions in recent years (although being from Britain, who am I criticise..?) but they called that one correctly. More kudos to Mr Tegnell.

  2. In the UK, although new cases are still hovering around the one thousand mark, daily deaths are now in single figures.

  3. Great place for a holiday. Fabulous bars in Stockholm and lovely people who speak English better than us.

  4. Strange how Sweden is rarely mentioned in the press these days.
    Decades ago I was in Copenhagen for a week and went to Malmo for the day, sadly it appeared to be closed but no matter, the purpose of the trip was to have a go on the hydrofoil, gone now.

    • I remember the hydrofoil. Family emergency, sister in Malmo: two days drive from Switzerland, island hopping on several ferries Puttgarden to Malmo, hydrofoil next morning to Copenhagen and fly to London.

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