Oh Dear, How Sad…

Never mind. When I go to the supermarket, I rarely pay any attention to how the products are labelled. Some, however, do…

A horrified Sainsbury’s shopper has demanded the supermarket rename their “Big Daddy” steak after she spotted it in a shop last week – as she believes the name is “sexist and misogynistic”.

Horrified, no less. She also doesn’t understand what ‘misogynistic’ means, either. It means a hatred of women. Naming a steak ‘big daddy’ offers no evidence of hating women. Some people have nothing better to do than fret over nothing at all.

Rose Robinson was left appalled when she visited her local Sainsbury’s and spotted a rump steak on sale that was labelled as a “big daddy beef rump steak”, and said she was “bewildered” as to the supermarket’s thought process behind it.

Because it’s big? Just a thought.

The 38-year-old mum-of-three insisted it is “wrong and unnecessary” to involve gender when marketing generic food items, and said there were plenty of other words that could have been used to describe the steak’s large size.

The immediate thought that springs to mind is ‘grow up and get over yourself.’ If it’s a problem, don’t buy the product. There, problem solved. Now you can move on with your life.

“There are so many ways it could have been named that would have equally communicated the super-sized nature of this particular product. It just felt wildly inappropriate and I just wasn’t comfortable with it.

“I was shocked and just a bit disappointed that in this day and age, it was possible for it to make it through whatever channel it had to have made through to get onto the shelves.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Clearly the humour behind the labelling passed this one by, but then, not everyone shares the same humour – in which case, don’t buy the product and move along.

After talking to some staff members in-store about the steak’s branding, Rose decided to take to Facebook to make her feelings known, as she claimed the steak should be renamed.

I’m sure the staff were over the moon. They have jobs to do on minimum wage and they have a whiny customer complaining about trivia that they have no power to change.

But she soon found herself the target of vicious trolls, who suggested the supermarket rename the steak “Karen”.

That’s vicious? Another word that seems to have changed since I last looked at it. Personally, I think this is a perfectly reasonable response to childish whining about a non issue. A bit unfortunate for those women who are actually called Karen, of course.

She added: “I’ve had the obvious Karen comment from someone who obviously feels that that’s appropriate or funny, I’m not sure. It’s dismissive, it’s an implication that I’m just causing a fuss about nothing.

Yup, that is precisely what you are doing. Grow up.

“I’m the least Karen-like person I know, honestly. It’s come from someone on the internet that doesn’t know the first thing about me.”

Your behaviour has told them all they need to know.

Rose also said she was told to fill in an online feedback form, but claimed that since she posted on Facebook to Sainsbury’s last week, she is yet to hear back.

Probably got filed in the appropriate receptacle.


  1. I suppose they could have used Big Daddy’s real name but somehow the ‘Shirley Crabtree beef rump steak’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

  2. I would say try another shop but appears all stores sell “big daddy” steaks. Seems they are using the name as the dictionary describes, a slang name for meaning predominant larger, bigger than normal. Morrisons also sell a “big daddy” breakfast that takes some eating apparently.
    Maybe do a bit of research before shouting her mouth off.
    Do we still get Daddies red sauce????

  3. “Some people have nothing better to do than fret over nothing at all.”

    Nail on the head. She obviously doesn’t have any real problems to deal with.

  4. I’ve just scrolled through the comments and even in the left-wing Daily Mirror they all seem to be telling her to sod off. Frighteningly she has three children whom I suspect she is brainwashing to be annoying little clones of her.

  5. Sainsbury could show some balance by also stocking Big Momma’s ‘monsta finga likin chikin’.
    Hopefully that will satisfy Karen

  6. You need a category for “First World Problems” and file this one under that …

    If that is the biggest problem in her life then she’s damn lucky.

  7. Just think how Rose’s street cred would improve if she mentioned to her friends that she had Big Daddy in her mouth the previous evening. I wonder if she’ll be asked if she swallowed?

  8. Must be a slow news day. How did this non story make it into a national newspaper?

    Oh, sorry, my mistake. It’s the Mirror, not a newspaper.

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