I Don’t Think So

Am I bovvered?

Vaccines to protect at-risk people against Covid and flu this winter will be rolled out a month earlier than planned in England, because of the emergence of a new Covid variant.

This scary new variant is showing that covid is doing precisely what viruses do – it is becoming more easily transmissible but less virulent. Because that is what these types of viruses do. Should we panic?

Anybody over 65, older adult care home residents and immunosuppressed people are to receive jabs from 11 September.

I’ll be getting a text nagging me, then.

The plan is to jab as many eligible people as possible by 31 October.

No me, you won’t.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) says there is limited information available about the new variant BA.2.86, but it has a high number of mutations and has appeared in several countries.

It is not classified as a variant of concern but health officials believe speeding up the autumn vaccination programme will protect those at greatest risk of becoming severely ill.

I’m sure that vaccination might be the right thing for some – assuming that we are talking about an effective vaccine that doesn’t do more harm than good. Oh, right… As you were. As they admit, it isn’t something we should be concerned about, URTIs happen every winter and every winter some people fall off their perch because it is their time and that’s what finally sees them off. No, I’m not being harsh, just recognising basic biology. If there was an effective, safe vaccine, then I’d say go for it. However, I no longer have faith in our vaccination programme, so I will not be partaking. That loss of trust is nothing to do with me. I didn’t lie, obfuscate and demonise anyone who dared to raise concerns and I didn’t rush something through before long term results were in.


  1. I understand that the Biden regime in the US plans to bring back things such as mask mandates in airports and other places from next month.

  2. Please don’t start bringing masks etc back in care homes, we’ve just got back to normal.

  3. I’ve been having the regular flu jabs for ten years, since being diagnosed with type two diabetes. I hardly ever get cold or flu bugs anyway. Diabetes is known to suppress the immune system but this doesn’t really match my personal experience. After researching a bit further it turns out that keeping your blood glucose levels well under control, which I do, means that it isn’t really a problem. I’m not sure now whether to take the normal flu vaccine as I’m not sure that I can trust them not to sneak the other one in as well. Last year I had the regular jab while having my routine check up. The Covid jab was in a seperate syringe and the nurse was fine about it when I said that I didn’t want it. The specialist diabetic nurse is someone that I know and trust, so if I can get her to do it at my regular check up again I might.

    • Not quite. They didn’t inject these men with syphilis. They just didn’t treat them. The control group were a mix of men who were infected and those who weren’t. They were injected with placebos. The aim was to observe the progression of the disease. What is really appalling is that despite the introduction of penicillin that will treat it, they allowed these men to die of the disease in the name of research. Absolutely horrific.

      • First do no harm. Didn’t these toe rags get lectures on medical ethics during their MD course in US medical schools? Disgusting. There is plenty of pre antibiotic literature tracing the course of syphilis to where it makes you mad and kills you.

        • Unbelievable that they did this and thought it was okay. Given the precedent, I am even more likely to mistrust the medical establishment when they try to persuade me to take a new vaccine.

  4. Like Stony, I’m dubious about taking the flu jab this year, fearing it may be pissed about with ‘new, added ingredients.’ But then, like our jovial host, I just don’t trust modern medicine any more.
    Come to think of it, all my (long) life there has been a steady decline in trust in our institutions: the Police, the Judiciary, the Government, and Parliament in general, the Media, and the BBC in particular. Science, Medicine,and the Law are broken, and not just in the U.K. The ‘long march’ through the institutions has succeeded, bit only at the cost of confidence in them.
    I feel much better now, Nurse.

  5. “Anybody over 65, older adult care home residents and immunosuppressed people are to receive jabs from 11 September.”

    Don’t they mean “are to be offered jabs”? Their inner authoritarianism shines through. “You vill line up and be jabbed, dissent vill not be tolerated.”

  6. Extraordinary. So, still in the grip of Covid panic after all this time, they want to jab people my age with a ‘vaccine’ developed to deal with last year’s variants in order to give us some protection against the variants that have only just arrived. Utterly absurd even if you think the jabs are effective against the variants they were supposed to target (which I don’t). Also a stupid waste of the resources of the NHS which I understand to be short of cash for practically everything except, apparently, diversity officers and it now appears, unnecessary vaccination rollouts.
    When if ever are the authorities going to realise that for nearly everyone Covid is now nothing more than a slightly worse than average cold.

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