Oh Dear, How Sad

Shouldn’t have bought a stupid milk float then, should you.

Marshals have been brought in to police ‘charge rage’ between drivers of electric vehicles at motorway service stations.

The boss of Britain’s largest motorway service provider said long waits for plug-in points made drivers ‘very angry and stressed’.

Moto chief executive Ken McMeikan warned the UK’s motorway service stations are facing growing ‘public disorder’ due to a lack of grid connections preventing him from installing enough car chargers to meet the surge in demand.

This was entirely foreseeable. Combine that with the long charging times compared to filling an ICE and the relatively short range of the milk float and this was always going to happen. There is a moral to this story, of course. My sympathy is limited to the point where it doesn’t exist. Enable state mandated lunacy and live with the consequences. Suck it up, as it were.


  1. It should be borne on mind how few milk floats there actually are which try to use these things.

    Most of the smugerati appear to do it on driveways.

    A motorway. Does this simply these are largely company cars on business?

    A motorway is the LAST place I would buy petrol (even when on a business trip in a pool car. Not my money, but it’s the principle).

    And everybody will be able to have a milk float (having a driveway is irrelevant in this alternate dimension) and use it exactly as your current real car.

    This is the propaganda, the party line. Until we are specifically told that the intention is to remove private transport (milk floats – being “green” – are completely acceptable, are exciting to drive and there are no range issues whatsoever) it is to be believed.

    And how many arseheads from hell appear to!

    The mis-selling scandal is developing nicely.

    Mis-selling to them. Utterly top class entertainment – right up there with the Colosseum – to the rest of us.

    I hope all these smug arseholes lose and lose badly. If second hand prices for these toys completely collapse (heading that way!) I will raise a glass of 4 star!

  2. Common sense by pass, all of this was obvious to anyone awake.

    Travel against the flow on the M4/M5 holiday time or M1/M6 on a Friday and marvel at the thousands of cars nose to tail coming the other way.
    You can barely find a space to park for a slash let alone hope to get a charging space for an hour.
    Sympathy level below zero, my bloody landcruiser will more than likely last another 18 reliable years and see all of these milk floats scrapped.

  3. The insurance companies have woken up to how much the things cost to fix, how they tend to spontaneously combust and how minor bumps can result in them being written off. Hence it is now costing around five grand a year to insure one. Of course your insurance is going to have to go up too in case you bang into one on your travels.

  4. The excuse for our car insurance going up is the cost of repairs to electric cars already.

    If you are going to have long waits at motorway service stations perhaps they need to replace the fast food outlets and replace them with fine Dinning restaurants, obviously no alcohol.
    Make waiting around more pleasant.

    • And cinemas, concert halls, all on a franchise model. Get some DEI investment in, pay yourself a thumping salary and prepare to dump and run when the green thing comes crashing down … sound like a business plan?

  5. Restaurants at motorway service stations used to be posh. When motorways first opened, it was considered part of your big day out in the car to have a fine dining experience on the way.

  6. If I owned such a service station, I would just remove all the charging points, rather than try to deal with muppets arguing over them

  7. A hundred years ago EVs were the rage. An EV held the land speed record of something over 100 mph. BUT……..they died out because they were very heavy and took ages to charge and petrol cars were not heavy and took a couple of minutes to fill up. History is repeating itself and this fad will die too. Once synthetic fuel becomes cheap, as it will no doubt happen, ICE cars will be back in fashion. At least the old time EVs didn’t explode and burn your house down.

    • Clean fuel for the ICE was always the way forward, however, it doesn’t offer the same opportunity to exert control over the lumpenproletariat.

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