Snivelling Little Worm

This vile little creep was going to let someone else take the fall.

Royal author Omid Scobie has made a dramatic U-turn after admitting that he did name the “royal racists” in a version of his bombshell book Endgame, despite having denied it on multiple occassions.

Well, the Dutch translators didn’t guess, or use magic, did they? It must have been in the manuscript, that much was obvious. Now Scabies has wriggled to the point where he can no longer deny it. What a toxic, obnoxious little worm.

‘Royal author,’ FFS!


  1. WTF is wrong with his face?

    He looks like a wax version of Freddie Mercury that’s been sat next to the fireplace too long.

    If you are not honest with even your own appearance, what hope is there for any form of honesty at all?

  2. “Mr Scobie discussed the events in Endgame, where he claimed that not one, but two royals were involved in the discussion.”

    Two is pretty much the minimum number for a discussion, isn’t it? Anything less than two is just somebody talking to himself.

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