Another One Jumps

There’s a pattern with nasty authoritarians who have to rely on the ballot box to remain in power. They resign before the electorate gets an opportunity to give its verdict on their performance. As with Jacinda Adhern so it is with Mark Drakeford.

Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford has announced he’s quitting after five years in the job.

Mr Drakeford will step down in March, with a new Welsh Labour leader due to be elected before Easter.

He told BBC Wales he wanted a new leader in place by the next Westminster general election.

But he denied the backlash over new 20mph speed limits across the country had anything to do with it.

Well, yes, he would say that, wouldn’t he? His 20mph blanket speed limit is a classic example of overreach by an authoritarian drunk on power. It is petty, spiteful and counter productive, because anyone with a basic understanding of how the internal combustion engine works, will understand that this insane limit will increase emissions, not reduce them. Also, there is no evidence whatsoever that it makes the roads safer. Despite this, he went ahead, knowing full well that it was not wanted by the people he was supposed to represent. Now there’s a backlash, he’s decided that it is time to retire.

It’s really a shame these petty despots don’t have a Ceausescu moment. Because a few of those might have a deterrent effect on the next Mark Drakeford or Jacinda Adhern waiting in the wings. Drakeford is going to get off lightly, walking away from the mess he made without having to pay any penalty for it.

UK Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said Mark Drakeford was a “true titan” of Welsh and Labour politics.

That’s a very strange definition of ‘titan.’ Very strange indeed.


  1. Once Labour win the next election idiots like Drakeford will have a field day. They’ve been desperate for power for 13 years and will implement these policies all over the UK.

  2. Tut tut Longrider.
    Thinking the speed limit is anything to do with emissions or safety.
    It’s all about revenue generation.
    People in these parts routinely ignore the 20mph limit.
    Heard of the first speed camera traps appearing today since the new limit was introduced…

    I’m glad Furher Drakeford is gone.
    Though no doubt Labour will be able to conjure up some equally horrific dictator wannabe.

      • Courtesy of Wikipedia.
        The Titans were a bunch of inbreds. Siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles nieces and nephews all going at it like knives,look you.
        Cur* Kneel is having a sly dig at his Welsh tîm.
        No ovine reference was made. Bah humbug (A little Christmas reference.)
        * The “c” is soft. As in politician.I
        Any inappropriate Ho Ho Hos will be treated as a racist, misogynwhatsit, hate crime. Boyo.

  3. I’ve said elsewhere that it came as a shock to the politicians that they couldn’t manage the pandemic or climate change. Their sense of authority was challenged so they engaged in displacement activity to show they were still in charge, even if face masks, lockdowns and heat pumps achieve nothing. The 20mph limit is another displacement activity – pointless but applied with an authoritative hand so people remember who is the boss.

  4. PS A Titan you say? Always baffles me why people consider this a favourable comparison.

    I wonder if Starmer is thinking of the Titan Coeus? Infamous for being power-hungry, losing the most significant power struggle of his existence and of course, his sexual deviancy which included doing his sister?

    Perhaps he meant the ill-fated passenger ship?

  5. PPS. Coeus ended up in the maximum security prison Tartarus, then failed in an escape attempt.

    One can only hope.

  6. just read the SNP in scotland will introduce the 20mph limit next year.another shower of incompetents who listen to nobody

  7. I did read that Sir Kneel’s description ended with two superfluous letters…
    Personally, I was always taught, a hundred years ago admittedly, that a few adjectives greatly added to true understanding. Since the Welsh thing may know a few words of English, I’ll leave them out on a blog hosted by someone who puts my own erudition to shame.

  8. A titan? No, I’ve seen this before. The quote is a typo and cut sentence at the end of a paragraph. Starmer’s first version would have read: “a tit and a raving idiot.” Reducing it to Titan is a transcription error that often happens when documents are converted between formats.

    There, fixed.

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