The principle of out constitutional monarchy is that the monarch does not involve himself in politics. The late queen understood this. Her son appears to be somewhat lax on this score and his son is picking up bad habits.

Prince William has made an unprecedented royal intervention into the Gaza conflict by issuing a statement saying he feels ‘deeply concerned’ about its ‘human cost’ – and called for an end to the war.

The Prince of Wales, 41, ramped up his family’s response to the Israel-Hamas war after he and wife Kate had earlier put out a joint statement of ‘distress’.

William has been easing himself back into public engagements after taking time off to look after his wife recovering from abdominal surgery – yet his strident statement today gives a signal to his intentions when taking the throne.

It suggests that he is not fit for it. He should be saying nothing about Gaza and certainly not calling for a ceasefire, because that is none of his business. This is a matter for Israel and not the British monarch. He should stick to cutting ribands and kissing babies. That’s his job, not poking about in politics, let alone international politics. The whole point about being a constitutional monarchy and not a republic is that the head of state takes no part in politics. That’s the fucking point.

William’s public remarks are the most outspoken by any member of the royal family since the Israel-Hamas war broke out – and come in stark contrast to the late Queen’s approach, when she would steer clear of commenting on political issues.

Because she understood her role. It seems that her heirs do not and plan to allow the monarchy to slide into the muddy world of politics. Shame on them.


  1. I thought that Charlie might have had the sense to shut up once he became king but always had doubts that he would. Sure enough, straight away there he was blathering about the climate crisis.

  2. The late Queen did indeed play a straight bat for 70 years, during which, as Prince of Wales, Charles was permitted to espouse some causes close to his heart, despite there being political overtones at times.
    His own son, William, temporarily occupying that Welsh princedom, is now merely fulfilling the role as demonstrated by his father, speaking out occasionally on topics which may have a political hue.
    Assuming the delectable but powerful Kate overcomes her current medical traumas, I’m sure she will ultimately keep him aligned with the script once he ascends to the top job, she’ll control him like a ventriloquist’s dummy. Smart lady.

  3. Palestinians in Gaza are not our kith and kin. I really have no sympathy of those living in a terrorist state.

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