And People Vote for These Tossers

Labour once again show us that they are not fit to govern.

Keir Starmer is facing discontent from Labour MPs over the dominant use of the union flag in election campaign material amid concern it may alienate ethnic minority voters and others.

Concerns were raised at recent meetings of the party’s black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) group at Westminster and also by London members of the parliamentary Labour party. There is also unhappiness among some activists who are reluctant to handle the material.

Simple answer – fuck off to the shithole that flies the flag of your preference. This is our country and our flag. We didn’t ask you to come here and if our flag makes you feel unwelcome, well fuck you.


  1. Alternatively publish the favoured activists flags and see how well that goes down outside the activists enclaves. Not at all I’d guess… which leaves Sir IKEA trying to ride horses going in many different directions. Ouch.

  2. And yet we are constantly told by the left that these people are as British as the native population – in some cases we are told that they areeven more British . it’s at times like this that the truth shows itself.

  3. Of course labour aren’t fit to govern – l struggle to think of a handfull of their mp’s who might be middling but l wouldn’t trust any of the rest to run a whelk stall let alone the country. But the alternative has already shown it is determined to destroy everything l value about this country.
    I will vote to see the Tory party consigned to history in the hope that the vacuum is filled by a true right of centre party that actually cares about this country and it’s people not just small minorities.
    Soap box back in the cupboard now.

    • I totally agree Phil, apart from putting the soap box back in the cupboard bit – we have got into this state by right-minded people keeping their mouths shut for fear of offending others (very British), and now find ourselves effectively censored by those we tried to accommodate. I feel the tide is starting to turn, but it will take a long time, and many soapboxes in the public square will be required, so keep yours handy fella.

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