So, a bloke decides he wants to be a woman and flies to Turkey for the operation. It all goes downhill from then.

Shona should have been taken to the plane in a wheelchair after being driven to Izmir airport in an ambulance, but instead said she had to walk while carrying her suitcase.

The injuries she sustained resulted in her being rushed into an NHS hospital in her home town of Blackpool, Lancs, where she waited 12 hours in a wheelchair to be seen in A&E.


Mother of two Shona claimed she had to walk around two miles with her suitcase while a dilator – a silicone device used to prevent shrinkage after vaginoplasty – was still in place.

Quite apart from referring to this man as a woman, apparently he is now a mother of two. No, he is not, he is a father of two. If we play this game – which the media seem determined to do – nothing is true anymore. Up is down, black is white and the sun revolves around the Earth. He is free to live as he pleases. I certainly have no problem with him doing what he is doing, it’s his money after all, but I will not go along with the lie. Once, out of politeness, I might have done so, but not any more.

However, despite the falsehoods being peddled by the Mail in this case, but they are all at it, Shona is not remotely convincing as a woman. I suppose they will start editing the images before long, then how will we determine what is fact and what is false?


  1. Up is down, black is white and the sun revolves around the Earth.

    The last one annoys me.
    Whether the sun revolves around the earth or the earth around the sun depends entirely on your frame of reference.
    This is well known in the field of kinetics and statics. Want to figure out forces and relative motion easily? Change your frame of reference…
    So you set the earth as your static frame of reference and the sun does revolve around the earth.

    The rest of it I have no argument with.

  2. I presume he had his bits removed. I don’t think this Daily Fail story mentions that. However, let’s assume he had his bits removed. And he had a fake vagina created. And his wife is OK with that? Oh boy.

    This dilator thing – is that to prevent the fake vagina closing up? I’m no medical expert, but won’t the body treat the fake vagina as it would a wound, and try to close it up – to heal it?

    • Excellent article. Maybe there’s hope for a common sense end to this madness after all.

  3. He may have spent his own money in Turkey, but it’s your money and mine he’s already spending at the NHS hospital in Blackpool and will for years to come.
    That is something to which I object strongly.

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