Off to A Flying Start

J K Rowling is a super troll.

JK Rowling has unleashed her fury at Scotland’s new hate crime law which could see people arrested for using a transgender person’s wrong pronouns.

The Harry Potter author, and prominent gender critic, posted a string of tweets on X where she sarcastically urged her followers to respect ‘lovely Scottish lass’ Isla Bryson – a convicted double rapist.

In another, she ridiculed the new legislation by referring to Katie Dolatowski, a transgender paedophile who assaulted children in supermarket toilets, as ‘fragile flower’ who was ‘rightly sent to a women’s prison in Scotland’.

The excoriating blast comes hours as the Scottish Government’s Hate Crime and Public Order became law.

This is, perhaps, is the best way to defeat this vile new legislation. Mockery and trolling. She is pretty much uncancellable and they are taking on a heavyweight if they try. For all the little people who will be harassed by this new weapon, Rowling is capable of fighting back. Good for her. Order in popcorn.


  1. The best way to defeat it is to make accusations against every politician, or at least those responsible, repeatedly. There’s absolutely nothing in the law that precludes malicious accusations, its all in the eye of the beholder. So if every time a politician opens their mouth they get reported for a hate crime then everyone is going to get very fed up with it very quickly.

  2. I can’t be bothered with Harry Potter but I am developing a real respect for JKR. More power to her typing finger!

    • I don’t.She’s still a prejudicial moron who just happens to be right because the other side is worse.

  3. My initial thought was that if they did go after her she should identify as a man…

    The minds imploding would be delicious!

    • Since she also writes under the pen name Robert Galbraith, she is off to a flying start with that one …

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