Play Stupid Games

Let ’em drown.

Nine new boats with migrants on them arrived in the UK today, despite the treacherous and deadly conditions in the English Channgel.

Since the start of the year, migrants have continued to cross the Channel in small boats despite freezing temperatures and fast-changing conditions.

Recent crossings by a total of 16 boats since Saturday morning have been branded as stupid and dangerous as conditions deteriorated over the Easter weekend, as high winds made the crossing even more dangerous.

The arrival of these new boats into the UK has seen the number of migrants arriving in the UK rise to 735 this weekend, with 400 arriving on Easter Sunday alone.

This is an invasion. That it is a record year for invaders is not something to be proud of. Turn them back. Or, just let them drown. No, I have not lost my humanity, I’ve had it ground down by a combination of criminals and government acquiescence. Yes, before anyone says it, a tautology, I know.

Speaking to GB News about the new arrivals, one maritime expert was outraged about the decision by people smugglers to send people across in such dangerous weather.

They said: “We’ve seen all too often in recent months just how vulnerable these flimsy dinghies are. Lives have been lost in the middle of the Channel.

“These small boats just can’t cope with anything other than light winds. Once we get up to moderate winds out there, it really churns up the waves, and doesn’t take much at all to inundate and capsize these overcrowded boats.”

Meh. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Fuck around, find out and so on. There was a time when we used bows and swords to repel invaders. Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to do that anymore. Where is El Cid when you need him?


  1. “Since the start of the year, migrants have continued to cross the Channel in small boats… “

    No they haven’t. Migrants come in on scheduled flights with passports and visas. These are illegal immigrants. start calling them what they are.

      • The blurring of language is, of course, deliberate and the most prescient thing from Orwell was his understanding of the power of language and the manipulations that can come its deliberate distortion.

        I would refer to them as the imported, as in practice they are. It is those who are importing them who are responsible, as it could all be stopped in an instant. We know this, they know this, they know we know……..

        But what mental illness causes the desire to destroy the most creative and achieving civilization in human history (no other comes even remotely close)?

        I’ve been trying to get my head round this for years.

        It’s easy enough to cut through the mindless tropes – “racist”, “bigot” etc etc – but you run up against SUCH visceral hate!

        Why do these people imagine they can turn the country I live in into a primeval, third world shitehole while their little enclaves – not even a few miles away in many cases – will remain clean and free and civilized?

        Now THAT is something I truly will never understand.

        What I can’t understand I want to destroy.

        Am I wrong?

      • Just keep focussing on the illegal immigrants, call them invaders if you want, just keep looking at the Channel and the small boats. Vent your spleen about the 50,000 or so invaders, just don’t look over there at Heathrow or Gatwick where a million or more invaders come in every year.
        Import a city the size of Birmingham every year, of course there’s going to be a housing shortage. There’s going to be an impact on the NHS, the water supply, etc. etc. What did you think would happen?
        I’m coming round to the idea that the reason the small boats problem hasn’t been solved is that the politicians don’t want to solve it. It’s a distraction from the real problem.

  2. These people are taking the piss out of us. Most are Muslims and we certainly don’t want any more of those. Sink the boats at sea or push them back to Francel

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