Good News

This judgement is the right one, although it was never a guarantee.

The headteacher at a school once dubbed Britain’s strictest has today hailed a court ruling after a Muslim student lost a challenge against its ban on ‘prayer rituals’.

Katharine Birbalsingh, founder and leader of Michaela Community School in Brent, North London, said the High Court judge’s decision was a ‘victory for all schools’.

She added: ‘Schools should not be forced by one child and her mother to change its approach simply because they’ve decided they don’t like something at the school.’

The former government social mobility tsar spoke out after the student – who cannot be named – took legal action against the high-achieving school, claiming the policy was discriminatory and ‘uniquely’ affected her faith due to its ritualised nature.

The pupil claimed the school’s stance on prayer – one of the five pillars of Islam – unlawfully breached her right to religious freedom and was ‘the kind of discrimination which makes religious minorities feel alienated from society’.

Yeah, that kid didn’t think that at all. She was coached and primed to say it by activist parents. The judgment puts the brakes on this behaviour. For a bit, anyway. Islam never lets a setback like this stop its aim for world domination. They will find another chink in the armour and exploit that. Meanwhile, you and I have to pick up the tab.

The pupil said they were ‘obviously very disappointed’, having ‘tried my best’ in the case. The pupil’s mother said she was ‘profoundly dismayed by the case’s outcome’.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind.


  1. This is without doubt the correct decision here. There’s some things that a school should be flexible about when it comes to the religion of pupils and we are grateful for that as it means that our son can get a vegetarian meal or take in a packed lunch at Passover.

    However when a school has an avowed secular ethos as is the case with the Michaela School with rules that apply to pupils of all faiths and there are a multitude of faiths present in the school student community then there is no space for allowing any one religious group to gain influence among either pupils or staff. The prayer rules apply to Christians and Jews (who also have specified timed prayers) along with Hindus and Sikhs and Muslims. Michaela operates a system where every pupil is expected to leave their religious baggage at the school gate. This policy may not suit all families and it if does not then there are other schools that they can send their children to.

    I heard this story break on the BBC news whilst coming back from Birmingham today and as I have some knowledge of it I was astounded by what the BBC left out of their report. There was no mention of the Islamist threats made to the school nor the Islamic agitation that has been attempted within the school student community nor even the broken windows that the school has suffered which have occurred since the school decided to stand up for its ethos and against these Islamist troublemakers.

    This case was to me clearly Islamist or Islamist adjacent lawfare and I’m damned pleased that the scum who brought this case have failed.

    • Agreed. Lawfare is the main weapon of the agit-prop left and their circus of fellow travellers. It is a moment for enormous celebration when they lose. Shame it doesn’t happen much, much more often.

  2. “…the kind of discrimination which makes religious minorities feel alienated from society.”

    There are plenty of countries where you won’t be a religious minority and won’t feel alienated, kindly piss off to one of those. I don’t think any country has done more to accommodate the needs of minorities than the UK but some people just take the piss.

  3. I wasn’t aware that muslim women were expected, or even allowed to pray. All the pictures I’ve seen of the ritual seem to consist purely of men.

  4. I wonder if the pupil’s mother will be dismayed enough] by the case’s outcome to withdraw her other child from the school’s waiting list? Enquiring minds and all that.

    • If there was any justice, she would be permanently expelled for having cost the school and its head a massive amount of grief and costs.

    • No, apparently they will send their other child to the school who will then initiate a similar court case, all paid again by the taxpayer.

  5. The parents are reported to be planning to bring another lawsuit.

    It’s vexatious litigation. They’re abusing the law to wear down the school’s resources, tying it up in expensive legal process, rather than just putting the child in another school. It’s an islamist attack on secular education. Infuriating the courts won’t put a stop to it.

  6. There’s not a lot of point in educating the kid, as when she leaves, she’ll get farmed out to some other family, and just disappear.

    There won’t be much community benefit coming from that clan, will there!

  7. I have to wonder who the numpty was, and what their religious/political views are, who authorised the legal aid for this case to be brought? Now that a ruling has been made, will the parents of the child, or their religious sponsors, have to pay it back?

  8. I’ll just leave this here …

    Nothing to see here.

    If there are 700 Muslims in the Home Orifice, then I have to question just how many other Snivel Servants work for that department. I know that back in the day, Britain ran an Empire with less than 700 in the Colonial Office so why so many now, let alone Muslims?

    Now you know where your tax money goes – paying for foreign invaders to undermine and destroy the country and turn it into the same shithole that they came from.

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