The virus has well and truly destroyed the host.

Kevin Legge, an experienced manager in his early 50s who was based in Peterborough, claimed he was resisting his female boss’s agenda to promote women over men.

As a result, he was discriminated against because feminism is a belief system he doesn’t follow, he argued.

Yup. That’s a fair position to take. By promoting women over men rather than promoting based solely on merit, he was being discriminated against. This is an objective truth.

Dismissing his claims, the judge ruled that not agreeing with equality and diversity in the workplace is a ‘questionable’ belief, ‘not worthy of respect’, ‘compatible with human dignity’ and that conflicts with the rights of colleagues.

Holding such views could be in breach of equality laws, the tribunal suggested, as it dismissed Mr Legge’s claims of a ‘conspiracy’ to ‘remove males from management positions’.

This is the world we live in. It isn’t a ‘conspiracy’ it’s a conspiracy – without the quotes. It is happening. These scumbags make no secret about it. Believing in promotion on merit is now questionable and not worthy of respect. Our legal system has been completely corrupted. It is not the place of a judge to make such statements, merely to rule on law. But the law is now way beyond being an ass. Nothing Legge said means any of the claptrap the judge came out with.

The Environment Agency denied his claims and told the tribunal he had been sacked after he committed fraud by claiming a full-time salary while taking time off during the working day to provide counselling sessions.

If true, this is another matter entirely.



  1. Promoting men over women is discrimination. Promoting women over men is equality. It’s pretty simple isn’t it? That such nonsense overrides demonstrated facts in a court of law is really a disgrace.

    Did you follow the court case between Mark Steyn and Michael Mann? The shocking part to me was the judge sending the jury off to deliberate telling them that they needed to send a message to Climate Change Deniers. The judge’s job, or so I thought, was to remind the jury not to be distracted from the facts of the case by irrelevant factors.

    • I’ve always wondered if jurors are somehow ‘vetted’ before being called for duty, i’ve never been called and often wondered if there’s a list of those who can’t be relied on to do as they are told, which would have been a dead cert having heard that instruction.

  2. …agenda to promote women over men

    Kinda like the stated agenda of the US prez – his VP and a Supreme Court justice both chosen because they were women, among other things. Then the Guardian has an article wondering why the US VP isn’t being feted anymore. Of course they blame racism and misogyny, not that she’s a complete talentless hack. It’s also racism and misogyny to promote on merit, as this poor guy found out.

    • Someone said recently that if Kamala Harris had been promoted to her level of incompetence (aka “The Peter Principle”) she would still be deputy district attorney in Alameda County, California.

      It’s not just that she has no political acumen, but her personality as it is is so grating that even people who share her political views can’t abide being in the same room with her.

      She’s a national embarrassment.

  3. Someone said recently that if Kamala Harris had been promoted to her level of incompetence (aka “The Peter Principle”) she would still be deputy district attorney in Alameda County, California.

    Are you sure? If he had been promoted in line with her level of competency she would be working behind a till at some store in her home town and still needing supervision.

    • I’d have to look it up, but I think she got promoted even to that level because of what she was doing with, as someone put it, “Willie Brown’s brown willy”.

      I agree her level of incompetence is a pretty low bar.

  4. OT but I thought that you would really love this story if you haven’t already heard it. In an obvious hoax, McDonalds are putting out happy meals with figurines of Satan as toys. The outrage from the imbeciles who believed the story is the funniest part.

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