They Are

The enemy within.

“I urge our political parties and all those seeking our votes to pursue a campaign that is hopeful: to resist the urge to scapegoat Muslims and minorities and proposing a future where all Britons can play a positive role,” Zara Mohammed, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said.

”The call comes in a year where we have seen politicians and their supportive media double down on their rhetoric against Muslims: casting them as the enemy within and questioning their right to play an equal part in our democracy.

“As the General Election campaign begins in earnest, we urge politicians and the media to resist the temptation of using Muslims as a punching bag to score cheap political points; such actions are reprehensible and must be firmly rejected to foster an inclusive environment that respects all communities.”

I am sick of Muslims playing the minority card and the race card. I am sick of them thinking blasphemy laws should apply to us and expecting us to pussyfoot around their religious sensibilities. Frankly, if I had my way, I’d bring back the Test Act and kick every one of the bastards out of any office they hold. That would just be for starters. Any attempts to intimidate us should result in prosecution and deportation and mean it. Live here, abide by our laws and values and integrate. Choose to impose the values from the shithole you left, then piss off back there. If you are defined by your backwards and violent religion, then this should be no place for you.


  1. At first glance what he says may seem unremarkable. But the problem is that Muslims appear to be bringing a religious, ethnic and racial dimension into British politics: something that has not really existed before outside of Northern Ireland or cetain parts of Scotland.

  2. integrate ? – they can’t just as much as they can’t stop trying to kill jews. No one (in their right mind) has ever said – “i know what would make things better – let’s import some muslims” Muslims are parasitical – like cancer they eat out the host leaving only a shell behind. Theres a reason most muslim countries are shitholes and it’s nothing to do colonialism or any other ism – it’s down to the people who live there. They openly boast on youtube etc how they are going to take over the uk by lawfare and out breeding everyone else whilst sucking the economies of the west dry. Mass deportation seems to be the only answer.

  3. I hadn’t given the Muslim issue a thought with regard to the upcoming election. Now I have. To be honest I would never knowingly vote for a Muslim who was seeking public office as there would always be a suspicion that they would be standing under a false flag.

    “Theres a reason most muslim countries are shitholes and it’s nothing to do colonialism or any other ism – it’s down to the people who live there.”

    This applies to lots of places, not just Muslim countries. The countries of the Far East have managed to thrive after the colonial era passed, the countries of Africa not so much. Within individual countries, ours included, there are enclaves of crappiness inhabited by an underclass who crap in their own nest. I suspect it’s just the way if things.

  4. “the urge to scapegoat Muslims”

    There’s the trick. There’s the sleight-of-hand. It’s not “scapegoating muslims” to oppose Islam any more than anti-communism was scapegoating Russians, Poles, Romanians, or eastern Germans.

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