Levelling Up

This should not be a surprise.

Rishi Sunak has received an election boost after one poll slashed Labour’s lead to just 12 points.

JL Partners, which conducted a poll on Friday and Saturday, found the gap between Sir Keir Starmer and the Prime Minister had come down from 15 points to 12 points, thanks to a two-point boost to the Tories and a one-point fall for Labour.

Firstly, take all polls with a pinch of salt – but especially those that predict a massive Labour landslide. Starmer and his bunch of reprobates aren’t exactly a government in waiting and there is little appetite for them, except amongst the terminally deluded. The by-elections mean nothing, because the majority didn’t vote – many of whom will in a general election and you cannot presume that they will vote Labour. So yes, this poll is perhaps more realistic.


  1. It bothers me that people who say that they will vote for either of them are still in the majority.

    • That probably will always be the case.

      There seems to be a brainwashed component, perhaps 25% for each that represents their respective unshakeable cores. How to convince these people?

      A tory “wipeout” could still see them with perhaps 100 seats.

      I am of the opinion that the labour “core” might be perhaps more vulnerable and bits of it might begin to break off, even if they get a majority.

      Specifically the stone age howling islamofilth and the corbynist marxist swill.

      And I note the der sturmer has banned the abbotpotamus from standing for labour. Wonder what that portends?

      They might be cheeks of the same arse, but I think the tory core does contain a tad more fundamental decency kept there by habit and remnant belief (which is a real danger to the chance of emergence of a genuine pro British right/centre right party)

      Of course the gap will close, after all there is still five weeks and the hubris of sturmer’s controllers is such that their assumption of a landslide will be to the fore.

      People will be seriously considering the possibility and sensible ones might vote accordingly.

      A pox, two poxes, a million poxes on tories and labour.

      A hung parliament is what I want to see and I suspect a lot of others do too.

      The more I see, the more that seems likely.

    • There are a lot of people in Scotland ready to hold their noses and vote tactically to unseat the nationalists. That means a Tory party headed for defeat overall might actually make some gains north of the border (keep an eye on Aberdeenshire and the south), which I think is unprecedented in my lifetime, but mostly it’ll be Labour. Personally I think this is wrongheaded – cutting of your nose to spite your face – but I can understand it. The SNP somehow manage to make the rest of the Uniparty look positively saintly and competent in comparison.

      That said, I suspect – I’m not going to predict because it’s a mug’s game and I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I suspect – that it’ll be a lot tighter than the current polls suggest.

      • The Tories are 2nd in my Perth constituency, so really it is just a question of whether the SNP vote declines enough to let the Tories in. Always a possibility.

        Labour have no chance in Hell here, currently running forth at about 6% of the vote.

  2. It seems most likely that Labour in Government will be as useless as the Conservatives. MPs and their Party are figureheads for the SS Blob and only manage (poorly) to do what they are allowed to do. You can argue that Liz Truss and even Boris Johnson were defenestrated for trying to do something.

    Yes, Labour will pose and proclaim and make promises, but given the quality and inclinations of the people available will they be able to do anything beyond the equivalent of a fresh coat of paint? Red or blue, it makes no difference. The Socialist bogeyman is a paper tiger created by some sections of the media.

    And no, I’m probably not voting for either of the main parties.

    • “As useless”? Unduly optimistic I would say. On every single issue of importance since the last election, immigration, lockdowns, net zero and wokery, the Tories have been dismal but Labour has been even worse.

    • My constituency has now gone. I become part of Bristol north east, where you can stick a red rosette on a dog turd and it will get elected. Indeed, in the recent by-election, he did.

  3. As I said here a few days ago, I predict a vote share similar to that of the 1997 election. There’s no way in hell that Labour will receive 48% of the vote, which is what some polls have indicated. No chance that will happen. I think it’ll be the low ’40s (at the most) for Labour. With the lack of enthusiasm for Sir Kneelalot, I really can’t see Labour doing better than that.

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