No deals.

Nigel Farage today hinted he’s open to a general election deal with the Tories as Rishi Sunak faces a wipeout on 4 July.

The ex-UKIP leader, who is now honorary president of Reform UK, suggested he and the Conservatives ‘might have a conversation’ ahead of polling day.

Mr Farage pointed to ‘huge favours’ he had done for the Tories in the past and demanded the Prime Minister ‘give me something back’.

The Tories have already shown that they cannot be trusted, so there should be no deals this time around. Let them suffer. If Reform backs down in this seat, I will not switch to Conservative – I will either spoil my ballot or stay away.


  1. I don’t see any point in voting for Reform if they are going to get into bed with the Conservatives, I want to see all of the main parties wiped out and replaced. Many years ago I can remember the liberals getting a kicking by suggesting that they would prop up Labour or Conservatives in the event of a hung parliament and it was easy to see why. Reform are placed as a party for disaffected Tory voters, why would that demographic vote for them if they are going to prop the Tories up?

  2. Agreed. Tories delenda est. I’m not voting for Reform (who I don’t really trust). I’m voting against Sunak’s rabble.

    • Same here.

      If I can’t vote Reform, I’ll probably end up having to vote Labour to keep the Tories out of Perth (them be a dismal 4th). Depends who else appears on the ballot.

  3. He said it was an MSM media confection and there was never a hint of some deal by him.

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