Signs and Portents

Earlier this week, the planets aligned. Also this week, Michael Dunlop set a new record with his 27th TT win and George Monbiot wrote an article that actually makes sense.

Sure , it has the usual social justice bullshit, but that’s to be expected. However, he has noticed that democracy is a sham. That, come the 5th July, nothing will change – meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Moonbat’s solution is an old one. Indeed, it is one that I have often advocated. The Athenian system. If people are selected who don’t want to be there, they are the perfect candidate for the job.

Okay, the nitty gritty would need working out, but the principle of participatory politics would be an improvement on what we have now.

Moonbat and I seeing eye to eye, whodathunkit?


  1. It does come as quite a surprise that someone like Monbiot becomes concerned that our democracy is broken. My impression of such left leaning enviroloons is that they prefer it that way due to the population at large not sharing their utopian fantasies.

  2. Hmm, one suspects that all of Monbiot’s new versions of ‘democracy’ would include ‘safeguards’ to prevent anyone who doesn’t share his views getting their hands on power………I mean if Parliament was chosen in a manner that meant it fully represented the views of the people we’d probably have hanging brought back, immigration reduced to a trickle, Net Zero abandoned and we’d definitely have a large majority who know what a woman is. Not what the Moonbat wants, or would accept.

  3. One can only assume that it has finally penetrated his spectacularly thick skull that he isn’t actually the member of the ruling elite he obviously thought he was

    Maybe he overheard something in waitrose and his particular teat perhaps might not deliver as fulsomely as it has to date.

    I mean it’s not like he’s ever visited the real world of real people.

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