The Hit Pieces Start

Nigel Farage is getting under their skin at the Guardian.

Reform UK’s leader, who is also its majority shareholder, has influence over rightwing, socially conservative voters. That frightens the Tories, some of whose supporters like the sound of Mr Farage’s antediluvian views. His parties have fomented rage, paranoia and xenophobia. He can claim to have been responsible in large part for Britain’s departure from the EU, a historic mistake for which this country continues to pay a heavy price. His Brexit party’s indirect electoral impact, say academics, was substantial: in splitting the leave vote in Labour seats, Mr Farage cost the Conservatives around 25 gains from Labour in 2017.

And so the bullshit starts. What these cretins seem unable to grasp is that his views are shared by decent people across the country. There are not antediluvian, they are rational and reasonable. But never mind, just scatter the usual far left buzzwords and hope a few of them stick, eh?

As for Brexit being a failure, this is not down to Farage, but those tasked with implementing it.

. Mr Farage’s blatant racism at the start of the campaign – claiming that Muslims lack British values – should ring alarm bells.

Muslims do not share British values. This is an objective statement of observable fact. Certainly alarm bells are ringing as scenes such as those in Batley play out. Pointing out this truth is not racism, because Islam is not a race. It is a totalitarian ideology that is the antithesis of British values.

However, with the former Tory prime minister Liz Truss appearing on far-right YouTube shows…

This is a reference to the Lotus Eaters. Jess Phillips complained to Sunak about this appearance, because Carl Benjamin once made an off colour joke at her expense and she is still butt hurt about it. However, the Lotus Eaters is not far right. To say that it is, is a falsehood, but this is the Guardian, so lying is par for the course. These vile shitbags never let facts, reason or truth get in the way of their prejudice and bigotry.

That they are openly attacking Farage and Reform tells us that they are worried. Personally, I’m not over optimistic. Nige has a decent chance of taking Clacton, but our system is a mountain for new parties, so at best, a handful of seats, I suspect.

But have you noticed that no one seems to be talking about the Lib Dems?


    • They know – whatever labels they throw at it – that Reform has as much appeal to traditional Labour voters as it does to disaffected Tories.

      It’s the same thing as Trump, although it’s more obvious with him because he’s doing it from within one of the legacy party structures: yes, he’s a godsend to Republicans who’ve come to despair at the spinelessness of their party’s establishment, but the real upset, the real reason they want to destroy him, is that he’s attracting people the Democrats had grown to take for granted.

      Reform may or may not take over as the main conservative force in Britain, but it’s coming for the “red wall” too, and that terrifies the establishment Left. Those people might have come crawling back once the Tories inevitably let them down, but if they find a new home it’s all over.

  1. I value the Grauniad as an example of the benefits of Free Speech… their opinions on political and social matters are a guide to the lunacy of Elite Minion thought.

    And who wants to be an Elite Minion? Not me.

  2. Can’t wait to see the next Have I Got News For You.
    Forget Trump, Sunak and Putin. (For some strange reason Sleepy Joe’s little accidents and faux pas – ambulatory, alimentary, verbal, financial, hair sniffing [ Is there a word for that hobby?], never get the canned laughter treatment.)
    Now it will be all Naughty, Nasty, Nige. And because it has been “reported” in the BBC house rag they can get away with anything by adding “allegedly” or “reportedly”.
    Those who read the 100 Thousand sold copies of the Graun have already got their opinions fixed.

    • I stopped watching HIGNFY when Mrs L was still alive. We were both repelled by the increasing levels of spite being passed off as humour and decided not to bother with it again.

  3. HIGNFY hasn’t been watched here for many years, long before we gave up on telly completely and ditched the licence, the two regulars behaving increasingly like a couple of snidey schoolboys, about as funny as a dose of the clap.

    I love to see the left wetting its panties.

    Regarding Farage, though i respect what he’s done i still don’t trust him, he’s left a trail of destruction behind in the various parties he called home.

    As an aside what is interesting is how many normies are finally coming to realise Tommy Robinson isn’t the far right thug he’s always been portrayed as, i even heard some approval from one of the GB News presenters regarding Tommy on a Youtube clip.

    The right needs to unite, for far too long the likes of Farage have publicly looked down their nose at and decried the Tommies of the country, desperate to not be associated with working class patriots in order to placate various lefties and the bought and paid for media, who will always despise anyone not of the left regardless.

    if you have an hour to spare find the youtube video of Tommy interviewing Katie Hopkins, i know what the establishment have done to Tommy but it should be scary for anyone not compliant with the state to know what they did to Katie too.

    • While l do share many of TR’s concerns too many of his supporters just come across as thugs looking for a fight.
      That’s why he doesn’t, and never will, have mainstream support.
      Oh, and please don”t try to paint all working class patriots as being like his supporters – that’s offensive and the majority are not.

    • His book, Enemy of the State is available fro free here:

      OK, everyone is a hero in their own story but even taking his story with a pinch of salt, then the stuff that can be verified by independent sources rings true. Try reading it and learn his side of the story, rather than the utterly and extremely biased reporting from the media.

      The Black Belt Barrister (Ugh! What did I just say about everyone being a hero in their own story?) has a discussion about Tommy Robinsons arrest, treatment and the errors that the Police made when he tried to attend a Pro Palestine demonstration:

      Interesting, no?

  4. The more the Left squeal about Nigel the funnier it gets. True Labour working class supporters must be in two minds about voting for a party that will swamp the country with illegals who will work for much less than them, a party that says a woman can have a willy, a party that is full of muslims who hate this country.

  5. Before the ‘Pandemic’ I was talking with a ‘mature’ checkout operator at our local ‘superstore’. I was shocked at how bitterly she talked of immigrants coming over here and taking all the jobs. But I suppose that the ‘lived experience’ of the working classes doesn’t count… until Farage who is ‘big enough’ to say such things without being side-lined or cancelled. Try as much as the cosy Elite would like.

    House illegal immigrants in tent and Portacabins erected in the gardens of Councillors, Media owners, senior Civil Service types and MPs. I’d bet you would see some ‘action this day’.

  6. If you are not taking flack, you are not over the target.

    Looks like Farage is definitely hitting a soft spot, methinks.

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