Barrel Scraping

These people are desperate to dig dirt where there is none.

These have ranged from comments that the UK should have remained neutral in the fight against the Nazis and admiration of Hitler’s “brilliant” ability to inspire action, to a conspiracy theory about King Charles being under the control of a shadowy global elite.

But when you look at what was said, it wasn’t remotely controversial.

Aaron, who is standing against the defence secretary, Grant Shapps, tweeted in 2022 that Hitler “was basically incoherent in his writing and rationale” but was “brilliant” at using specific personality traits “to inspire people into action”.

This is objectively true.

Questioned by the Times, Aaron defended his comments: “Yes, Hitler was as brilliant as he was utter evil. How is that controversial to say, given that he was able to turn the Germans to such destructive acts, including killing many members of my own family?”

Aaron told the Guardian that his comments had been taken out of context.

Of course. It’s what the media does, because the media is full of scumbags. Never, ever speak to the bastards as it only gives them ammunition.

In the post, Aaron said he believed that Assad was not “some bloodthirsty tyrant … with an iron fist” like his father, Hafez, but was more of a figurehead of the regime he had inherited.

He told the Guardian: “That in no way excuses the many thousands of deaths in his name, but it is relevant and important in the context of trying to understand his personality, which is what I had been trying to do all along.”

Again, a perfectly reasonable point. He is doing what adults do – looking at a subject without turning them into some sort of cartoon character, looking at them in the round. The swivel-eyed loonies here are the journalists peddling conspiracy theories about Reform candidates in order to push their own agenda.

Burgess-Joyce resigned from the Conservative party after posting a tweet in 2019 in which he claimed that Tottenham’s Labour MP, David Lammy, had done “more damage to community cohesion than any KKK member”.

In his post, which was later deleted, the then Tory Wirral councillor, appeared to accuse Lammy of racism and “virtue signalling”.

To be fair, Lammy is a nasty racist prick. Thick, too. God help us when that shit is on the government front benches.

There are others in the article and to be fair some are a bit off the wall, but they are no worse that we see coming out of the mouths of political leaders – ‘fully funded, fully planned’ for example. I’ll take the odd whacky theory over that claptrap any day.


  1. David Lammy actually thought that black smoke from the Sistine Chapel meant that they had elected a black Pope and white smoke a white one.

  2. Cheap journalism and so easy to do nowadays. If only it were equally easy to counter.

    In this constituency, reputedly with the biggest numerical conservative majority, I’ve been canvassed and leafletted only by Reform. No visible signs or stickers from anybody.

  3. Politicians routinely proclaim the virtues of ‘bringing people together’. At the same time, everything they do seems to create more division and conflict. What to believe? What they say, or what they do?

  4. They do the same to Trump. The media keeps twisting his words out of context and many gullible people fall for it.

  5. Why is it that the entire mainstream media is so thoroughly in bed with the establishment? What happened to speaking truth to power? Where are the iconoclasts? Once upon a time, a journalist could build a reputation by exposing scandals of all kinds, isn’t that actually a huge part of their job description? The climate change issue alone is possibly the biggest scandal in human history, the claims of the alarmists become more absurd and divorced from reality with every passing day and the astronomical amounts of taxpayer’s money being wasted on solving this non problem is just astonishing. The established political parties and their ruinous policies need taking to task and the MSM are all asleep at the wheel.

    • I wish Paul Foot was still around, Stones.

      His columns in Private Eye were legendary, and he was a real iconoclast in action!

      He never let his politics get in the way of a real, disturbing story too!

      He’d have made mincemeat out of the shallow, uneducated bunch we have to endure now!

  6. It’s the Guardian – bad faith is expected.

    I would go out on a limb and say every single comment there has an element of truth.

    The comments about Hitler and Assad could cause contention amongst certain sections of the community but if they think this is bad, I haven’t noticed any scrutiny of anti- semitism which is the stock in trade (and not taken out of context) of 50% of Labour, Green and SNP candidates (at a minimum) let alone Independents under the auspices of ‘The Muslim Vote’

    As for the rest

    – the WEF takeover
    – The man made nature of COVID
    – the Great replacement
    – Migrants bringing diseases back in
    – David Lammy being a racist
    – the dangers of COVID vaccines
    – 15 minute neighbourhoods

    Are all objectively true as far as I can see.

    Pretty desperate stuff

  7. The MSM are colluding with the Establishment to prop up the two cheeks of the same arse. Utter scum.

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