This is not a relationship, this is keeping a pet.

A tough love dating coach has declared women should immediately block anyone online if their partner tells them to – no questions asked.

Jake Maddock sparked a furious debate with his latest rule but claimed women who ‘value the relationship’ will block anyone immediately.

‘When she gets a text from a guy you don’t like, say: ‘Block that guy for me’,’ Jake advised in a video.

‘Your ideal partner will do it straight away,’ Jake added.

The controversial dating expert claims to have cracked the code when it comes to finding and building a ‘perfect’ relationship after struggling for years to get it right.

The ‘one sentence’ should work instantly, every time, no excuses according to the love coach.

Bollocks. That is domineering and controlling behaviour. I never did anything of the sort with the late Mrs L and I wouldn’t with my new relationship. This is about a lack of trust. The problem here is him, not the woman in the relationship and I use the word in its loosest sense. The man is a cunt. Pure and simple. I am not a dating coach, but my advice to any woman who gets this from their other half is run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

Others slammed the relationship coach for his ‘backward’ advice.

‘Controlling – it’s a red flag,’ one said.

‘You mean, isolating your partner from her friends? Maybe you should go in therapy instead! Advice to her: RUN!’ another wrote.

‘Insecurity is out of control,’ a woman added.



  1. Dating coach? Jesus wept, what the hell is one of those when its at home.

    Presumably chaps daft enough to listen to this twat are supposed to be constantly monitoring their girlfriend/wife’s phone, no uncontrollable jealously problem there then, last seen searching for chastity belts, ‘kin’ell.

  2. “A tough love dating coach has declared men should immediately block anyone online if their partner tells them to – no questions asked.”

    Doesn’t sound very attractive when the reverse is suggested, does it?

  3. I’m not going to bother finding out, but maybe there’s a little more to this than meets the eye. Why don’t you like him? Is she still texting her ex boyfriend? Is she texting with someone who clearly wants to remove her current boyfriend and get in her knickers?
    There’s a lot of childishness in early relationships, particularly these days, and it works both ways
    If she is texting such people though, my advice to HIM would be to run. Trying to change people in a relationship can be counter-productive at the least

    • Why don’t I like him? The red flags are so obvious. He is a control freak. Control freakery in any relationship is a red flag. The ‘no questions asked’ as if him giving an order is all that is necessary. Sure, there could be something going on, but the assumption without any discussion is the problem here.

      • Sorry, I worded that badly. I didn’t mean why don’t you like him, I meant why doesn’t the guy in the story like the guy his Mrs is texting? I was looking for context

        • That makes sense. There isn’t any context in the original story. He could, of course, just ask about the person she is texting and get a perfectly innocent reply.

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