By the Pricking of My Thumbs

I’ve been a bit out of the loop this past few days as I’ve been working away from home, hence the lack of blogging. So, the disreputable and frankly wicked government has decided that British citizens are no longer to be afforded the right of habeas corpus after a mere eight hundred years or so. Liberties that our ancestors shed their blood and gave their lives to gain are being swept aside by the braying yobbos of the parliamentary Labour party in an attempt to demonstrate how big Gordon Brown’s willy is. That it is a disgrace is an understatement. Indeed, that it is an outrage is barely scratching the surface. These people are traitors. They are truly, truly wicked to the core.

Hopefully, this will be bounced back by the Lords – so once again, our liberties and principles are defended by an unelected body. The final line of defence is the monarch. Which raises an interesting point as mentioned by John Trenchard over at the Devil’s Kitchen:

 on another point – if this 42 days thing somehow gets through (via a parliament act) , then the LAST recourse that we have is the Queen herself.

if she allows it through, then i’m sorry DK , but you have some explaining to do on what the point of our monarchy is.

I realise that such an act would be difficult and unconstitutional – however when the government acts against the interests and the liberty of the people, there is a moral imperative and the monarch should do the right thing. But, then, she signed all the other bits of illiberal legislation passed recently, so one is left wondering just what she thinks about the liberty of her subjects – or is she merely weak and unwilling to step out of line?

What would be right and proper is for an incoming Conservative government to start its first parliamentary session with a great repeal act and sweep the decade of rotten, corrupt, liberty-sapping legislation from the statute book and set us back where we were on the morning of May the first 1997. A naive hope, perhaps. Although it seems that I am not alone. Quite apart from the outraged bloggers there is one parliamentarian who demonstrated this week that he has principles. I’m not too sure how this will pan out for David Davis – brave, foolhardy, quixotic, principled – but one thing is sure, he has demonstrated that there are MPs who have principles and stand by them. That this is such a rare event is shameful, as is the mother of parliaments’ behaviour this week. The jeering from the Labour party following Davis’ announcement reflects rather more on them than on Davis. They may well – at least, I hope they do – find out that they are out of touch with the electorate. Although polls were suggesting that the government was reflecting public opinion. I wonder who they asked, because it’s no one I’ve met or spoken to. And even if their assessment is correct, it does not mean that the majority are right and that the majority should have sway – there lies the road to mob rule. Democracy is supposed to have checks and balances. Yet we are seeing policy by headline and opinion poll. The majority must be sated and the minority that suffers as a consequence will go hang.

One example of the mob rule mentality is Britain’s most popular paper – and what does that say about us as a society? The Sun supports the government and its erstwhile editor is planning to stand against Davis as a pro-detention candidate:

He could face opposition from the Sun newspaper, whose former editor Kelvin MacKenzie said he may stand, backed by Rupert Murdoch, if Labour did not field a candidate.

Mr MacKenzie told the BBC earlier there were two reasons for running: “One is that the Sun is very, very hostile to David Davis because of his 28-day stand, and the Sun has always been up for 42 days, or perhaps even 420 days, frankly.”

Yes, well, the Sun is a shitty little rag that appeals to the lowest common denominator of public opinion. And you, Kelvin are a wicked, illiberal cunt of the highest order. How, I wonder, would you like to be locked up for 42 days without charge? Oh, but, of course, silly me, it’s only meant for brown people isn’t it? My God, even the BNP are opposed to this – what does it say about the “soaraway Sun” and Kelvin illiberal cunt McKenzie?

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.


  1. …set us back where we were on the morning of May the first 1997

    They did a thing on ConHome where people submitted laws that ought to be repealed. Having scanned their list and agreed with 3/4 of it, it struck me that your approach would be quicker. Bung in the ECA 1972 and various ‘dangerous drugs’ acts and we’re half way to being a liberal country again.

    (I do like this ‘click to edit’ function! How d’you set that up?)

    Mark Wadsworths last blog post.."Why 42 was the chosen number"

  2. 44,420 days wouldn’t be long enough for Kelvin. And Rebekah Wade should keep him company.

    [I feel entitled to make remarks of this nature now and then, having recently been dubbed a “pseudo-liberal bigot” by an Islamic schoolteacher on another blog].

  3. I meant 44,420 days wouldn’t be long enough for Kelvin to be banged up without charge.

  4. Given that MacKenzie is a menace to our society, I think ad infinitum would be an acceptable compromise – after all, he doesn’t mind civil liberties being eroded, so he won’t mind us taking his away now, would he?

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