Luke Akehurst.

Maybe instead of Labour fielding a candidate in Haltemprice & Howden we should find a Martin Bell type candidate – preferably a recently retired senior police officer, or a survivor or relative of a victim of a terrorist attack, to run under the following 5 word candidate description: “Independent – for detaining terrorism suspects”.

It is difficult to find words that adequately describe just how offensive this nasty little man is. Looking at his picture, he appears inoffensive, but so did the people who were employed to guard the concentration camps and the gulags. They too, fell for the sickening authoritarian propaganda of the parties to which they subscribed.

There is no liberty/security trade off to be made here. We are living in peace time with a slight threat of attack from jihadists – nothing like the sustained and competent campaign waged by the IRA and yet we are being bombarded with scaremongering propaganda from a New Labour lie machine that wants to steal our freedoms and keep us caged in “safety”. They use expressions like being free to live without fear of terrorism. That, frankly, is a pipe dream. A pipe dream concocted of disingenuous nonsense. We live and then we die. Some of us die sooner than others and some of us will die as a consequence of terrorist attacks. It’s a risk we take in a free, civilised society. The alternative is totalitarian control by the state and that is unthinkable.

So, no trade off. Once you do that, those who would undermine the principles of our liberal democracy have won. They can pack up their explosive body belts and go home; job done and not an explosion to be seen; a bloodless victory, courtesy of the cowardly Gordon Brown and his deluded and dangerous foot soldiers.

Luke demonstrates not only a staggering ignorance of human history, but also unbelievable stupidity:

I find his absurd invocation of Magna Carta too hilariously pompous to be “vile”.

An irony bypass here. And…

Boundaries of the state… blah … ancient liberties … blah… Magna Carta … blah … more than the Whigs … blah …

One of the principles of civil liberties is freedom of speech – freedom Luke is indulging in with his evil little diatribe. The others are freedom of association, freedom of religion, privacy, property ownership, the right to due process and habeas corpus. Magna Carta, to those who understand history gave us habeas corpus; a basic right not to be imprisoned without the evidence being judged by a jury of our peers in a fair trial – a principle Luke Akehurst’s equally monstrous overlords have eroded (not to mention the others I’ve listed). How would Luke like to be locked up for 42 days, unable to have access to the evidence against him, unaware even of the case being brought, being deemed guilty on nothing more than suspicion? He wouldn’t, of course. But, then, this is not for the Luke Akehursts of this world, this repugnant little piece of hard-man posturing is intended firmly for brown people; demonstrating that Luke and his masters are not just nasty, they are nasty racists, too.

Two generations ago my grandfather faced the U Boats as he sailed on the convoys that helped to keep these islands free from people like Luke Akehurst; people who think that the state should be able to lock people up without charge, without trial, are deemed guilty on no more than suspicion.

You can always tell a debate is on shaky ground when the protagomists start calling their opponents Nazis/Fascists, swearing, or invoking Mandela or Gandhi (plus in this case Magna Carta).

That is because Luke Akehurst, by his own arguments demonstrates that he is a fascist. And in this case, Magna Carta is relevant.

As people line up to rip him a new arsehole, Akehurst tries to dig his way out and succeeds only in digging himself in deeper – his argument is morally bankrupt and he is being rightly vilified for it.

He then tried to suggest that it is the threat of dirty bombs that justifies his stance. That this is utter, utter bollocks was torn to shreds by Benjamin Gray in the comments:

The “complex” terrorist plots are precisely the ones that do not need internment, as their very complexity means that the police will already have sufficient evidence to press charges by the time they arrest people.

Quite so – and let us not forget the ricin plot where there was no plot and no ricin.

Ignorant, stupid, dangerous and evil, this obnoxious little creep has been dubbed a patronising muppet by Rachel and a revolting vulture by Jackart. Both are too kind, I think.

My grandfather’s ship was torpedoed. Although he survived, his health was damaged and he died in his early fifties. If he was alive today, he would look at the smug, self-righteous Akehurst and recognise the jackbooted bullies he helped defend this country from and wonder just what went wrong. What was his sacrifice for?

Sometimes, you read something that is so dreadful, so mind-bogglingly repugnant that it takes your breath away – Luke Akehurst takes the Neil Harding award for totalitarian fuckwittery to new extremes.

Others have seen fit to rip this piece of trash a new arsehole and are worth reading:

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Update: Via the Exile, I see that Bob Marshall-Andrews has thrown his lot in with Davis.

Gordon Brown faced a fresh challenge to his authority last night after a leading Labour rebel promised to campaign for David Davis in the renegade Tory’s forthcoming by-election.

Bob Marshall-Andrews yesterday defied the Prime Minister to sack him, adding that he hoped other Labour MPs would join the former shadow home secretary’s one-man crusade for civil liberties.

‘They can’t muzzle the whole of the party, and it seems to me foolish in the extreme in the present climate to start describing civil liberties as a stunt,’ he told The Observer. ‘I have had emails asking, “Why does it take a Tory to say this”?’

What strange times we live in. Although, I’ve always regarded Marshall-Andrews as one of the good guys. Davis is right on this, Marshall-Andrews is right, John Major is right, the Labour rebels are right. Gordon Brown, craven coward that he is, and his snivelling army of weak minded apologists are wrong, criminally wrong and are traitors, betrayers of the British people. Perhaps we should lock them up for 42 days in the tower? After all, it’s good enough for brown people, why not them? I’m sure they will cope readily enough with the loss of livelihood, home, partner, reputation (if they have one). It would all be in the name of safety after all and one has to have the right to be safe, what?


  1. Actually he’s ‘Akehurst’ – though Arsepain would be a more accurate moniker for this little creep. According to his profile, he’s a lifelong New Labour groupie, and a wannabe MP. And, he says, “firmly on the moderate wing of the party”. A moderate wing which, as another commentator acidly observes, is now reduced to depending for votes and verbal support for 42 days on the Ulster ‘Democratic’ Unionists, Kelvin ‘rotspewer’ McKenzie, and Lord ‘semi-trained polecat’ Tebbit!

  2. Thanks to David Davis, it looks as if politics might start to become interesting again after an abysmal decade of banality. Whatever one thinks of him on other issues, DD certainly seems to have struck a spark on this one. And if Kelvin McKenzie is silly enough to stand, courtesy of Murdoch, and with the tacit blessing of Brown, we may see the ‘Sun’s’ pompous populist pretensions cut down well and truly to size. Not to mention the Prime Minister’s cowardice.

    I’ve been sensing a slow but sure sea-change in the national political mood for a while now, and hope that this is the prelude to a long overdue realignment of forces into libertarian vs. authoritarian politics, regardless of party allegiance. See my post ‘Soft Centre’ in anticant’s arena:


  3. I’ve been wondering for a while now what it would take to mobilise people to make a stand. Perhaps this is that tipping point, the moment in history when we start to say “no” and our voices are heard.

  4. I read his hateful little diatribe. Finally there might come a time when people speak out against people like him. If Davis’ campaign should fail, I’m looking into getting the first plane out. If Chairman Brown and his new friends in the DUP haven’t already grounded them.

  5. I was truly shocked by reading Akehurst’s blog. A truly disgusting piece of cynical immoral shit. One can only hope that this faux pas will torpedo any attempts he makes at getting into Parliament. I shall be looking out for him. If he appears as a candidate at the next election I shall send his blog entry to Private Eye. Vindictive? Not at all. It’s a moral duty to keep cunts like him out of politcal power.

  6. Stephen, far from being vindictive, it is, indeed our moral duty to ensure that such nasty people are denied a seat in parliament.

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