Abbott For Leader

Diane Abbott accuses her rivals of being geeky young men.

Mrs Abbott said her four opponents were either close to Tony Blair or Gordon Brown but were now distancing themselves from infighting and key policies like the Iraq invasion.

She branded the four former cabinet ministers “geeky young men in suits”.

She also told the BBC a “wealth tax” was needed to tackle the deficit.

With Abbott at the helm, Labour will be unelectable. So, all you Labour members, cast your vote for Abbott. You know it makes sense.


  1. You are dicing with death calling her Mrs. She was born to be Ms. Even though she married (poor chap got out pretty quick)she doesn’t appear to have taken his name.

  2. A wealth tax??
    Punishing the successfull for making a success of their lives and providing work for others so they can also make a success of their lives.
    She should settle the defecit with her very own Fat Whap Tax.

  3. LR

    Why would you think that Labour is unelectable with Ms Abbott at the helm? After all with a psychopath as leader and having demonstrably ruined the country’s finances Labour still received 29% of votes cast at the recent election. Indeed, but for the treachery (™ British Broadcasting Corporation) of the LibDems, that psychopath would still be PM.

    With the BBC on its side in 2015, Labour led by Ms Abbott would be a serious contender for power. Mind you, whoever leads Labour, it’ll have the BBC on its side.

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