The Greens are merely communists by another name.

The party would move the royal family out of the 775-room mega-mansion, complete with tennis court, lake and heli-pad amid 40 acres of land nestled in the leafy St James’ Park area of Westminster.

I am reminded of that scene in Dr Zhivago where precisely this happened post the Bolshevik revolution. I am no fan of the royals or royalty in general, but I despise those who would steal in the name of the state, who decide that they are the ones best placed to determine what housing is appropriate for us, who think that they are best placed to determine how we should live our lives. Utterly and completely, for they are scum. The state is not your friend and if the malevolent Greens ever get their hands  on the levers of power, it will be our enemy.

One thing that this kind of report does is show them in their true colours – misanthropic and evil.

The Greens also plan to raise the minimum hourly wage to £10, with a guaranteed £71 a week universal basic income for all adults, with half of the £280 billion cost of the policy to come from tax, she indicated, with the rest made up of money already paid out in benefits like jobseekers’ allowance.

Er, so it’s all coming from tax, then. In other words, I am expected to pay for it – as you are.

A tax of 1 or 2 per cent on people worth more than £3 million would also be implemented and the party suggested that the state could have powers to seize assets from the wealthy.

Civilised people refer to this as precisely what it is; theft.

They really are spiteful, hateful scum.


  1. I happen to believe that a constitutional monarchy is preferable to most other forms of state. Occasionally I wish that HM would tell her first minister to f**k off and get a proper job. That said, this goes to show how wicked and spiteful the Watermelons really are, to insult an elderly lady who has done a decent enough job over the last sixty odd years according to the brief she was handed. And their ideas about tax on tobacco and alcohol show them up to be utter cnuts. Vivat Regina!

  2. I’ve always thought the greenies a one trick pony. Seems they are branching out into the realm of ‘real politics’. I suspect they will never exercise any real power. Surely the 60’s hippies are starting to die out, thankfully.

  3. This is why you need them on the those TV debates…the more people that see the true madness of the greens the better.

  4. Watermelons yes, but the benefits the Royals receive from the taxpayer should be brought into line with what other pensioners are allowed by the state. If as a result the royals could no longer afford to live in the ‘mega-mansion’ then perhaps they could find something more affordable. Do they, the royals, qualify for the insidious Bedroom Tax? If they do perhaps the state can find them something more suitable.

  5. The green movement came out of Germany. A lot of what they preach is very similar to that preached by the National Socialist German Workers Party. Most of the Greens in this country come under the heading of “useful idiots” for the main pushers of the real agenda.

    Hitler hated smoking, disapproved of alcohol, and he hated bankers and big business, but realised that he had to work with them. Himmler pushed “the Environment”. They all wanted a united socialist Europe, centred on Berlin, and all preached anti Semitism. The pan-European green movement is a very dangerous organisation, which should be taken seriously, and stopped.

  6. Err. the Monarch’s monies are all paid TO the state – they then get a “grant” of some of that money back, actually.

    As someone who has fairly “Green” credentials, I hope, the LAST FUCKING THING I’d do is vote for this lot.
    They really are shit.
    I live in NE London, where Epping Forest is a much-valued green lung. These bastards want to close down the Forest’s protectors (The Corporation) – well, yet again, they can fuck off.

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