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February 24, 2024 Longrider 17

For telling the truth. Lee Anderson has been stripped of the Conservative whip after refusing to apologise for remarks about Sadiq Khan on GB News that the […]

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How We Have Fallen

February 22, 2024 Longrider 15

The men who liberated the concentration camps doubtless never imagined that their grandchildren’s generation would revive the antisemitism of the 1930s. Police stood by as the […]

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I’m Sure

February 18, 2024 Longrider 5

Drug induced milk is as good as the real thing. An NHS trust has said that breast milk produced by trans women who were assigned male at birth […]

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State of the Nation

February 12, 2024 Longrider 3

Reasons not to vote Labour. A pensioner has been threatened with a hefty fine by council bureaucrats over gender-critical posters she fixed to her front […]

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Not a Property Rights Issue

February 5, 2024 Longrider 6

This is sinister. Thousands of football fans may have been secretly investigated by the Premier League‘s ‘Stasi spy agency’ for their political views, a free speech […]

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January 31, 2024 Longrider 10

The trap just sprung. Electric vehicle owners in central London are set to be charged extra to park under new rules being brought in by […]

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Not Fit For Purpose

December 31, 2023 Longrider 7

What about our human rights? An ISIS fanatic who MI5 warns poses a terror threat to Britain has been granted the right to live in the UK after sneaking into […]

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December 18, 2023 Longrider 8

Seriously? Doctors across the US are rushing families into having their babies’ tongues partly sliced off to make breastfeeding easier, an investigation has warned. Known […]