I Didn’t Know

Thus sayeth the idiot who mowed down a three-year old on a pavement. He claims two things; firstly that he has been misrepresented and secondly, that he didn’t know it was illegal to cycle on the pavement. To which I would answer; the video footage is pretty damning. He was riding on the pavement with reckless disregard for pedestrians. Secondly, I was made aware of the legality of riding on pavements at the age of eleven when I passed my cycling proficiency test. Ignorance of the law, is no defence. And even if it wasn’t illegal – which it is – reading the way ahead and expecting people to be on the pavement (I mean, it’s a fucking pavement – pavements are meant for pedestrians, so coming across one is hardly a surprise) means adjusting one’s speed and preparing to stop. It’s pretty straightforward stuff, really.

A cyclist who came under criticism for knocking down a toddler on a pavement, in what has been described as a “hit and run” incident, says his life has been “destroyed” after the CCTV footage was released.

I’m inclined to save my sympathy for the child he injured. Fortunately, the injuries were minor, but they could have been worse. The police are considering charging him. There’s enough evidence; they should get on and do it. Cyclists are not above the law – including this tosser.

A video online shows the moment a cyclist in Manchester ran a red a light and went straight into the side of a double-decker bus.

Much as I dislike traffic lights as they often create more problems than they solve – stopping at a red light is a statutory requirement and cyclists are not immune from the law. No sympathy, frankly.


  1. Interesting how he, as well as the woman who snatched a football shirt from a child at the weekend, comes straight out of the blocks waving the ‘I’M the victim, because everyone’s being mean about me!’ flag.

    Truly, we abolished shame, and consequences, and look what we have…

  2. The Manchester cyclist claimed that his brake cable had snapped. Now what are the chances of that happening?

    • I’ve never had one snap, frankly. Even motorcycle cables, it would be throttle or clutch cables that tended to go (eventually). If it did, he is still at fault for riding a machine that is unroadworthy. Cables don’t just snap, they fray first. So I’m calling bullshit.

      • I’ve had one snap, barely a fortnight after a service during which it had allegedly been replaced. I wasn’t amused. It didn’t lead me to jump a red light though.

        • I’ve seen the results of several Bowden cables ‘snapping’. Largely due to lack of maintenance or improper assembly. And most of what people describe as ‘snapping’ is probably the clamp giving way at the brake – again a lack of maintenance – and not actually a snap either.

  3. As someone who does more miles than most (>1k/year) on a bike, the behaviour of those two idiots annoys me.

    Those very few times I’ve used the pavement (usually when I’m coming home later than expected and I don’t have my lights with me) I take great care to give what few pedestrians there are at that hour a wide berth and not cycle quicker than a fast walking pace. As for jumping a red light (broken brake cable or not), I don’t do it because I don’t have a death wish.

  4. I’m a responsible cyclist too and these idiots piss me off. Certain people will just tar us all with the same brush. Around our way there are a lot of paths designated as shared spaces for pedestrians and cyclists, these work well as long as everyone uses a bit of common sense and courtesy. You always get a few idiots but in my neck of the woods they are a minority. As for Mr. “My life has been destroyed” well it serves him right really doesn’t it.

  5. Well Lord T, I keep coming back to your brief post thinking that I will be able to work out what exactly you are trying to say but I’m afraid that I am still no wiser. My point was that I cycle a lot. I don’t ride on the footpaths and, when riding on public roads, I obey the rules of the road. The rules that are laid out in the Highway Code with which I am fully conversant. I have a problem with people who, on reading about the tosser in this post, assume that I, because I am a cyclist, behave in the same manner as him.

  6. What didn’t he know? This?:

    (Highway Code Rule#]64

    You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement.
    Laws HA 1835 sect 72 & R(S)A 1984, sect 129

    Time for cyclists to be tested, registered, and insured, I think.

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