Blackface in Wales

There was a time when blackface in Wales was the norm for men coming out of the pit, but this is a bit more modern. I have a couple of things to say about this story of egregious offence taking and that is this:

Firstly, you would have thought the guys on the float would have seen this coming – I mean, in this day and age, there is always an offendatron looking to see racism under every stone and blacking up just gives them the weapon they are seeking.

Secondly, that the police took the report seriously and are treating a carnival float as a hate crime shows just how low we have sunk. The police should have told the complainant to piss off and stop wasting their time – or even cautioned her for just that offence, but no, they pander to these people, encouraging them and allowing the poison of their vile belief system to course through the veins of society.

Dinah Mulholland, the Labour candidate for Ceredigion in the June general election, said on Facebook: “Utterly horrified to see this from Aberaeron carnival. How on earth could this have been considered acceptable, or even legal, by the carnival organisers?”

Mulholland called for an explanation from the carnival organisers and for all local politicians to condemn the float.

As we can see – the usual suspects. And anyone who talks about things being “acceptable” or the reverse term “unacceptable” is someone whose opinions should be dismissed out of hand – like the egregious “check your privilege” it is a signifier that we are dealing with an arsehole and we should beware. Preferably by shunning them.

But a local man, Luke Summerfield, said: “So are we now living in an era where we can’t dress up as our favourite movie characters? You are creating more of a problem instead of living in harmony.”

Someone clearly hasn’t got with the programme…


  1. ‘Hate’ certainly seems an odd interpretation of the tribute costumes – unwisely expressed affection would surely be nearer the mark, judging by the amount of effort that appears to have gone into constructing the float.

  2. As a Morris dancer & therefore an occasional joiner-in at “Plough Monday” events … I agree – it’s bollocks.
    Blacking-up is often/usually ( But not always) what was called “Guising” ( as in Disguise ) so that the police/authorities could not arrest them, in the grand old tradition of “misrule”.
    Rochester Sweeps ( The clue is in the m=name – “sweeps” who would have BLACK faces was condemenned by loonies for “racism some years back.

    Tell the fuckwits to bugger off, because Morris-dancers are royally pissed-off with all this crap

    • What do you mean “some years back”? Thought the Sweeps had issues last year with those types. And possibly the year before. Then there’s Cecil Sharp House boycotting blackface sides. And the perennial “down with blacking up” debate on the MDDL…

  3. At least most of the comments under this cerebrally-challenged idiot’s Facebook post are appropriately condemnatory – and scathingly so. What a twat!

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