Harry’s Razors

Unusually for me, I’m going to do a product review.

You may recall at the beginning of the year, Gillette went all woke and put out an advertisement that demonised its customer base. It demonstrated perfectly the mantra “get woke, go broke” as billions were wiped off its value in the following months as that customer base rightly took both umbrage and their custom elsewhere.

The subsequent meme on the interwebs was to buy Harry’s. And Gillette’s loss became Harry’s gain.

As I wasn’t using Gillette products anyway, I wasn’t too fussed, despite the clamour.

Then last week happened. When you are in pain in the early hours of the morning and starting to go into shock by the time the ambulance arrives, packing a shaving kit to take with you to hospital isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Consequently, I was in hospital without my usual overnight stuff.

The razors they supply in hospital are those nasty plastic disposable things that don’t so much cut the hairs as try to tear them out of the follicles. Hence, when my sister arrived and asked if I needed anything, I said that I needed shaving kit. Given the fuss I’d seen on the web, I figured maybe now was the time to give Harry’s a try, so she bought me one to use until I got home.

So, what’s the verdict?

Harry’s supply razors. That’s it. No fuss, no frills, just a simple razor. It’s a five blade type (well, six really). Now, my existing razor has the same, but the Harry’s one seems to be easier to move along the skin. The blade cartridge appears more flexible and lighter. Also, that sixth blade is tucked into the top of the cartridge for trimming those awkward areas such as the base of the nose – neat and effective. I’m impressed.

Harry’s sell replacement blades as a shaving plan. The replacement blades are a few pence cheaper than my existing Wilkinson’s Sword cartridges when I buy them at Sainsbury’s, but shopping around can mean that there’s nothing in it. However the Harry’s blades are more comfortable to use. I also like the idea of having a regular delivery, which means that I don’t run out, go to the cupboard and realise that I’ve forgotten to stock up – but that’s just me and my slightly disorganised approach to shopping.

So overall, the verdict is that I’m happy with this product. It doesn’t set the world alight with innovation. It’s just a razor. That, for me is it’s biggest selling point. The Wilkinson’s Sword razor just got retired.

To summarise:

  • A simple, effective product.
  • Does what it says on the box and no more.
  • Competitively priced.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t engage in adverts telling you that you are an arsehole

One final point here – and an important one. A disclaimer if you like. I have no association with Harry’s Razors. They have not given me any money, nor have they given me any free products. I am simply a satisfied customer.

BTW, if anyone does fancy trying them out, then this link will get you a fiver off. They give me a fiver too, which is nice…




  1. Out of interest, do you get the same number of shaves per blade with Harry’s? Way back, I found that Wilkinson blades were great when new but Gillette were usable longer.

    • It’s a bit early to say. However, the shaving plan based upon someone who shaves every day is four blades per month, so no difference to my current arrangement. I can’t comment on Gillette as I’ve not used their products since they started using David Beckham to endorse them. The bloke’s such a nauseating monumental prick, I couldn’t bring myself to put money in his pocket, so stopped using them.

      If we were just talking costs, Harry’s has no special advantage. However, I find the shave itself more comfortable due to the shape and flexibility of the head along with that trimming blade. So combined with ease of use, price is competitive. That, along with the “fuck you” to Gillette’s woke marketing department.

  2. I love my Harry’s razors. I found the website a little confusing to navigate but I think that was just me being a bit dense. Anyway, I emailed them and they very quickly sorted out a plan for me, they were very efficient. The razors are great and I really like the shaving gel too. I did used to use Gillette and went over to Harry as a direct result of the insulting ads.

  3. Real men grow a beard.

    (Lazy buggers just don’t shave, I leave it to the reader to decide which I am. :-))

  4. Many thanks to those of you who bought stuff using the link. I didn’t expect such a response, I put it up just in case anyone might feel inclined to give Harry’s a go. My next couple of blade deliveries will now be gratis thanks to you guys.

  5. I hadn’t actually noticed the little blade on the end for shaving under my nose. Every day a school day.

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