Deal or No Deal?

Now that we have a working government again, some sensible approaches seem to be emerging.

Boris’s ultimatum to Brussels: Johnson introduces new clause to Brexit bill that rules out delaying departure from EU rules beyond 2020 by LAW – but raises the risk of leaving with No Deal

Good. The idea that we should enter negotiations without the opportunity to get up from the table and walk away is insane. Even more insane is making the idiocy public.

Now, Johnson can play hardball with the bureaucrats of Brussels and that is a good thing. There is a deadline – meet it or not, but after that, we go, deal or no deal. That’s the way it should be done.

A Downing Street source said the Withdrawal Agreement Bill would ‘legally prohibit the Government from agreeing any extension’ to the transition, which takes effect once the exit legislation is passed.

It means that the transition period – during which free movement and EU laws continue to operate – will definitely end in December 2020.

There is, naturally, much weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth (*teeth will be provided) and rending of garments. But given the damage they have done this past three and a half years, I really, really don’t care. Let’s just get the fuck out.

*Well done if you get the reference.


  1. Absolutely and this is the reason why – for all its faults – Boris’s deal is vastly more preferable to Treason’s.

    As far as I can see, it has no backstop. Had Treadon’s deal been passed, it would have trapped us in the EU and we would be right in the middle of the coming maelstrom of its collapse.

    I still don’t fully trust the tories but if it does come about that it is made law that we leave 31st Dececember 2020 no matter what, that is how to negotiate.

    Boris has a stonking majority and no excuses. If his deal is passed and I can see no reason why not, after 31st January we will be legally out. The transition period will be membership in all but name, but that legally will end 11 months later.

    The EU position up until now has been perfectly logical and I can’t say I blame them for taking it: their creatures here did the betraying for them, parroting the “we are supplicant” mindset.

    The interesting thing will be to see how the euro-whores will try to continue.

    • Expect the egregious Gina Miller to try some sort of Soros funded legal challenge.

      I wrote to my MP yesterday urging him to petition the new government to dissolve the supreme court or at the very least, pull its teeth so that it cannot engage in partisan politics.

      • Dave Allen wasn’t it?

        His best was the acronym of rev Ian Paisley (shouted on broad norm iron) VILE IRA PANSEY!!

        I’m wondering whether the euro whore nodding donkeys will now actually be an embarrassment and hindrance to their masters, but it’s difficult to see what the latter can do about them now.

  2. Teeth, but not garments? I denounce your naked garmentism. The right to have garments provided must not be infringed.

  3. Yep ! Out we go and there is nothing all the Labour/Liberal/Green tossers can do about it. At last the silent majority get to have their way. The BBC and all their allies are stuffed. All we need now is to get rid of Scotland and save a fortune !

  4. The phrase that went whistling through was “bravo, now the boot’s on the other foot”.

    And I trust Mr. J will kick butt.

  5. Dare I start to believe that we are actually going to achieve full independence without being stitched up by either the EU, our own rulers or a combination of the two? The cynic in me says not but I can hope I suppose.

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