This Needs to Happen

People need to close their Halifax accounts.

Halifax has told customers they are free to close their accounts with the bank if they disagree with their values after some hit out at a policy to include pronouns on staff name tags.

Halifax has one role and one only – to provide banking services to its customers. It is not there to make a political point and it is not there to peddle the trans cult ideology. Naturally, there was a pushback to their wokery, but they dug in, telling people to close their accounts. If I had an account with them, that’s precisely what I would do. As it is, I now know never to do any business with them in the future.

“We care about our customers and colleagues individual preferences. For us, it’s a very simple solution to accidental misgendering,” the spokesperson added.

So much so that they will actively piss off the 99% majority in order to appease an insane 1% minority. This is not only poor business practice, it’s appalling customer service. So, a run on Halifax would be a useful object lesson in how to behave for these clowns.


  1. Makes me wish I had a Halifax account just so I could close it.

    Perhaps I’ll open one, just to close it…….

  2. I have several accounts with them – this may well be the final straw as they have pissed me off several times in the past and I find Nationwide much better to deal with.

    That said, are there actually any branches left open for people to witness the virtue signalling? I think the last time I even thought about going into a bank branch was about 10 years ago!

  3. If Natwest want to allow employees to have their pronouns on their name badges then *shrug*. It’s the public virtue signalling and the bad social media which galls.

    Any sensible business (unless they are looking for a niche crowd) shouldn’t give a damn about the gender or sexual orientation of their customer and I work on the principle of assuming everywhere is LGBT friendly unless they demonstrate otherwise. No need to wave a rainbow flag (or whatever it looks like this week) around.

    • If you look at the exchange, this is precisely the point – every business should treat every person with the same dignity and respect, not single out specific groups. If they treat everyone equally, then no special effort is required. And no virtue-signalling.

  4. So it’s an option to include the pronouns on badges.

    I might have to make a trip into my local branch to see how many have decided to partake in the pronoun shenanigans.

    I just don’t understand all this shit.
    Why do people care what the pronouns of the person helping with your bank issue de jour are? Does anyone care? Dress up in a rabbit or squirrel costume and pretend you’re not human for all I care, as long as you can competently help me with what I need, what does it matter?

  5. Brian – Advertisements? They really piss me off in general, so I just avoid viewing/hearing them. And that includes all BBC output which I consider to be a huge rolling advert encouraging viewers/listeners to become gormless woke sheep. Except for the weather app – that occasionally gets it right.

  6. Wish I could, but don’t have an account with Hailisex.

    Firms have one role and one only – to provide services to their customers. They are not there to make a political point

    Furthermore, this move will also anger many employees

    Why do it when doing nothing is cheaper & better



    BBC, C4 and Ads imply UK is ~70% non-white and everyones an open border socialist. Gove then reinforces it by spouting Green, Socialist crap across every media outlet

  7. The question is – if you were a Halifax customer and you went into a branch and found some counter assistant who wished you to use the pronoun ‘zir’, or some strapping bearded man who wished you to use the pronoun ‘her’, and you did not oblige them, what happens?

    I quite like Jordan Peterson’s views, although I don’t necessarily agree with all of them, but he first came to wider public awareness when he said he was prepared to be courteous with someone who wanted people to use a particular pronoun – but he refused to accept the law *requiring* such pronouns to be used because it would then be compelled speech.

    • Face to face it doesn’t apply. If they have a name badge, refer to them by name. But sorry, I’m not going to play their game when presented with a bearded man, it’s ‘he.’

  8. After reading this, may pop into my local Halifax branch (no, I don’t have an account with them) and, taking a leaf out of an Eric Morecambe conversation, refer to the lady behind the counter as “Young Sir”.

  9. “Makes me wish I had a Halifax account just so I could close it”

    I opened a credit card account with them years ago, but I’ve never used it. Perhaps this would be a good time to close it. Especially as they are owned by Lloyds, who are now trying to “persuade” me to go paperless…

  10. I have two accounts with them.
    Giving the adults in the boardroom, if there are any left, a week to sort this out and give the fool who made the ”close your account if you don’t agree with us” tweet a good clip round the ear or preferably the sack for being a twerp.

    If no change both accounts will be transferred elsewhere next week, should have closed the savings account anyway there’s a fair sum in there and its earning bugger all interest, so thanks Halifax Tweeter for bringing our attention to stupid.

    As wifey here puts it, we’re done with stupid, stupid can go boil its idiot head.

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