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Well I can’t deny Meghan Markle, can I?

Meghan Markle has urged men to be ‘more vocal’ with their anger at the repealing of Roe v. Wade, as she revealed that Prince Harry‘s response to the news on Friday was ‘guttural’.

I am angry. I’m angry that so many people are so stupid that they don’t know what they are talking about. I am angry that people pontificate without grasping that the original judgement was overreach. I am angry that these idiots claim that the reversal is an assault on democracy when it is the precise opposite. I am angry that these idiots deliberately conflate this issue with arguments about the second amendment. I am angry that truth, evidence, reason and logic are abandoned in favour of emotional incontinence. I am angry that so many people do not understand that the USA is a federal republic. I am angry that these people do not understand the role of the supreme court. I am angry that Markle and Harry are such utter morons who think that we want to hear their every vapid utterance.

There, done my bit.

Oh, that’s not what you meant? Oh dear, how sad, never mind.


  1. But… but… being emotional about a perceived failure in your world is so much easier than actually doing anything. And immediately satisfying – so you feel no need to become involved.

    What I find frightening is how easily people are swayed by rhetoric. On the basis that history ‘rhymes’ we’ve had our own post war Belle Epoque of optimism, regional peace, economic prosperity, and technological, scientific, and cultural innovations, and now the pendulum has swung into our own Fin de siecle of pessimism, military ‘operations’, economic collapses, and repetitive versions of the same damn film.

    What is most worrying is that the original French Fin de siecle was seen as presaging (proper) fascism.

  2. Leaving aside the obvious stupidity of this worthless piece of human flotsam thinking anyone bar those extremely hard of thinking are going to have even the slightest interest in her or her even more ‘intellectually limited’ husband think about these issues, her idiotic pronouncement does reveal one key thing.

    Apparently female opponents of abortion don’t exist in the progressive worldview. All the furore is driven by men wanting to re- enact ‘the handmaid’s tale’ (The TV series not even the book) I have to say I am encouraged by recent developments. The progressive cause seems to be taking more than the odd setback of late….

  3. This is similar to the idea that it is male tyranny that pressures women to be thin all the time. The pressure doesn’t come from men, they inflict it on each other. Most men seem to prefer their women to be just a little bit plump.

    • I’m heartily sick of seeing this ‘new Gilead’ crap keep popping up. My blocking finger is getting worn out. If you want to persuade me, childish hysterical hyperbole (and outright falsehoods) won’t cut it. And trying to convince me that we are living in one of Attwood’s novels most certainly won’t. We aren’t, America isn’t and using the Handmaid’s tale as some sort of allegory is hysterical nonsense. As I said, I am now blocking anyone that uses it. Hyperbole has its place if it is clever and funny to make a point, but these memes just aren’t. I guess it’s true, the left really can’t meme.

  4. I assume Harry’s response was guttural because Megan hadn’t taken the ball gag out?

  5. @LR +1

    Another Meg sums it up well

    Supreme Court nailed it – Megyn Kelly discusses Roe v Wade being overturned

    Markle and rest of ignorant violent numbskulls need to realise they’re being used as useful idiots and grow up

    Pregnancy doesn’t “just happen” – as Ann Diamond on GB News claimed – like dropping something. It can easily be prevented

  6. My Prime Minister, the Beloved Princess Jacinda has weighed in on this too. My thoughts, what the hell is it to do with the rest of the world what an American court decides on American law. It does not affect anyone outside the States.

  7. Q: Where in the US Constitution does it say people have the right to bear arms?
    A: Within the Bill of Rights as part of the 2nd Amendment.

    Q: Where in the US Constitution does it say pregnant mothers have the right to terminate a pregnancy?
    A: *crickets*

    Completely manufactured from whole cloth by the 1971-1973 SCOTUS and rightly repudiated by the current SCOTUS.

  8. If she wasn’t married to a Royal, nobody would have known who she was. Without the Royal connection she would be just another Z list actress.

    • Yep, hence why she went after nice but dim happy Harry

      Harry now angry and dim miserable slave

      Sympathy? None, his Grandfather, brother and friends all told him to ditch her

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