I see that Timmy has picked up on this one, but I thought I’d comment here.

Doctors in the UK are calling for abortions to be made free in Britain for American women, who no longer have access to them in the States.

The call from the British Medical Association (BMA) comes following the US supreme court’s overturning of the 50-year-old Roe Vs Wade ruling, which will rescind a person’s legal right to have an abortion, allowing individual states to outlaw the procedure.

While abortion services are free to UK residents on the NHS, foreign patients in the UK must pay for abortions, but now that the BMA’s new motion has passed, this could change soon.

Excuse me? Seriously? The NHS (piss be upon it) cannot cope with providing the service to us that we pay through the nose for and now these activists pretending to be doctors expect us to pay for Americans to come over here and have free abortions? And again, we see the usual ignorant tropes being peddled. See the weasel wording being used? Some states may outlaw it, but not all will. People may travel from a state where it is illegal to one where it is legal if they so wish – they don’t need to cross the Atlantic and take advantage of the UK taxpayer.

The motion to make abortions free to foreign patients was first proposed on Wednesday, 29 June, by medical student Marina Politis, who described the US supreme court’s decision as ‘a death sentence’.

Maria Politis is a fucking moron. An ignorant moron. The judgement is no such thing. Also, let’s be clear here – every abortion carried out is a death sentence for the baby, but let’s brush over that one, shall we? Maria Politis has no goddamned right to spend our money on her political activism.

She went on to argue: “In other, less risky pregnancies, this decision still removes an essential right of the individual to choose what happens to their own body.

No, it makes the matter one that has to be decided through the political process, not by the Supreme Court and rightly so. As for who chooses, there is another body here – one that doesn’t get a say in the matter, but we will brush over that one, shall we?

After 57% of doctors voted in favour of the motion to offer free abortions to all foreign patients, the BMA agreed to lobby the UK government on the issue and call on them to ‘strengthen [their] own abortion provision’.

Here’s an idea, if these activists are so keen to provide free terminations, how about they pay for it out of their own pockets?

Members of the BMA have also agreed to openly condemn the US supreme court ruling and support stateside doctors who had provided abortions.

Because a legal judgement made in the USA is absolutely the business of the BMA. How about they concentrate on providing world class healthcare for British citizens instead of meddling in foreign politics that they clearly do not understand?

The supreme court’s overturning of Roe Vs Wade has sparked widespread condemnation worldwide, with large protests already spreading across the US.

Yes, by people who do not understand how the US system works and why the judgement was made.


  1. I left my communications union years ago because the union leaders were far more involved in Chilean Postal Workers issues that looking after my employment conditions.

    I can’t help but think the possible doctors’ strike is more to do with sticking it to the hated Tories than employment conditions.

  2. Abortion is still legal here in the US. All the Supreme Court decision did was return the regulation of same to the individual states. New York allowed abortions before Roe vs Wade, and allows them now up to 24 weeks. My own state of Virginia allows them up to the second trimester–and beyond if the pregnancy causes physical or “mental distress”.

    Contraceptives, condoms, morning after pill…are all still available. And interstate travel is certainly legal. The Supreme Court decision did not make abortion illegal, it simply said there is no right to abortion in the Constitution.

    • Quite so and the USA has some of the most generous term limits in the world, yet according to these morons, the USA is the new Gilead. This risible misrepresentation is going into overdrive.

    • I’d imagine a number of people want Gosnell released and made up to Surgeon General. Certainly some of the more moronic ‘pro death’ campaigners seemed to be in favour of post birth abortion up to three months – ‘it’s always the woman’s choice’ was the mantra

  3. The decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn the Roe v Wade ruling, ending American women’s legal right to have abortions That’s a lie

    One state being targetted by Left is Missisipi who enacted a ban after 15 weeks – evil state

    Oh look, France has a 14 week limit, but that’s OK

    Should NHS pay for their visas, flights, hotel etc too? Another virtue signaling platitude from an allegedly intelligent but actually ignorant medical student

    Just think, some day soon this creature could be your GP

    Here’s an idea, tell her she must never have a child and all aborted if she wants to work in NHS

  4. It has never been so easy to find stuff out and inform yourself and yet here we are swimming in an ocean of ignorance. I suppose people were just as ignorant before the internet came along, we just didn’t get to hear their ill informed opinions as much.

    “… if these activists are so keen to provide free terminations, how about they pay for it out of their own pockets?”

    It’s so much easier to demonstrate your virtue by being generous with other people’s money than your own.

  5. To DiscoveredJoys. I let my NUJ membership eventually lapse for similar reasons. I recall one incident when I went to my Mother of Chapel (shop steward) for help getting a newspaper pay up on some invoices that they were being late in paying and I got no help. However this same MOC was quite happy during the AOB section of a Chapel (branch) meeting sanction a payment, equal to that I was trying to get back from my customer, for a political cause that I had no or very little sympathy for.

    I found that I had a much less appreciative view of my union after that incident.

  6. “Just think, some day soon this creature could be your GP”

    Or one of the 57% that agreed with her…

    And how is it that medical students can raise motions like this at the BMA and not get anything more than a patronising pat on the head? Literally unqualified…

  7. @Stony
    It has never been so easy to find stuff out and inform yourself and yet here we are swimming in an ocean of ignorance

    Exactly, I used to have to talk to people, buy book/magazine (eg Haynes, Car Mechanics, Motorcycle Mechanics) or go to a library to find information. Now it’s available on pc, phone, tv in seconds. Yet the excusers say “They’re not intelligent enough to use internet, don’t argue with me”

    Same trotted out about non-white. Yet we’re called bigots, racists etc. It’s sickening

  8. This story says a lot about the current NHS. Apparently a desperately under resourced, under funded and over stressed organisation with huge surgical backlogs following COVID now needs to be offering “free” (i.e. UK tax payer funded) treatments to Americans.

    Seriously. Fuck off.

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