We Have an Explanation

The UPS cock up has been solved, if not exactly resolved.

I received this from the seller:

Sorry for the delay, finally I have the response from the UPS service.. Obviously

When validating the status of the shipment it is evident that the tracking 1Z4E59926833679320 was the one originally used to send it from Spain to UK, and later apparently they have used the same label (1Z4E59926833679320) to send it from UK to ES, however as the data of this label says that the destination is UK, there has been a confusion and the package was delivered to the customer’s address. It was all about a misunderstanding in the labels.
It is recommended to generate a new label, tell the customer to make sure to use the new label and validate the packaging, that it is free of previous stamps/labels to avoid confusion.

So I will require the return of the package here back, and we will refund you okay. We are very sorry for that service.

So, entirely UPS’ mistake – along with the absurd demands for another customs payment. I printed out the label from their website and followed the instructions to the letter. UPS has not only made what should have been a simple transaction a several weeks long nightmare, but they have cost the seller their sale, because having given up in frustration, I found another seller and now have my jacket.

What’s the betting that in a few weeks, I get demands for money from the buggers for that customs charge I refused to pay?


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