That’s the Way to Do It

Refuse to compete.

transgender woman footballer whose physical power on the pitch left opponents ‘terrified’ is considering taking legal action for discrimination after opposing teams refused to play against her.

The boycott is said to have followed a player suffering a broken knee when ‘blocking a shot’ from the trans player Francesca Needham, 30.

When word spread about the incident, some players refused to play against Needham for ‘safety’ reasons and two matches in the Sheffield and Hallamshire Women’s League were called off.

Now Needham has announced she is to ‘step down from playing football for the foreseeable future’ for the sake of her club Rossington Main Ladies, which is based in a former pit village near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

But far from backing down, the player is threatening to sue as she said she has abided by all Football Association policies on transgender players.

This bloke is a cheat. A cheat who injured a woman and he wants to sue. If he wants to play, then play against the other men or other transwomen. I’m presuming that like the other trans cheats, he’s actually not very good when competing against his own sex.

As for suing, then let him. In the meantime, the women cannot be forced to compete against a cheat. Indeed, the more they walk away, the more this insanity will be challenged. Let these trans players play in women’s sports, but do it alone. You can’t sue someone because they don’t want to play and nothing you can do will force them to against their will.

“Can’t no one compel a man to engage in recreation” – Buster Scruggs


  1. “…[s]he said she has abided by all Football Association policies on transgender players.”

    Whoever drew up said policies needs a rocket up the arse then. Maybe the injured woman would have grounds for legal action against them?

  2. A related story – an idiot museum in Hertfordshire has decided that a male Roman emperor from the 3rd century was a tranny and must be referred to as ‘she’.

    “The North Hertfordshire Museum has decided to refer to the 3rd-century AD ruler Elagabalus as ‘she’ to be ‘sensitive’ to his pronoun preferences in a display.”

    ‘His pronoun preferences’? Given that he’s been dead for almost two millennia, I don’t think he’s really in a position to give a fuck about his ‘pronoun preferences’.

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