Well, Yeah…

Of course there’s no such thing as ‘the science.’ It’s a religious belief, not something scientific. So, for example, wearing face masks is about as scientific as buying a magic talisman for the local witch doctor. It will have the same effect. The lockdowns had no scientific basis to support them, let alone the rule of six, the bubbles and the obsessive testing.

Sir Patrick Vallance today said it was ‘completely wrong’ that ministers hid behind their insistence that they were simply ‘following the science’ during Covid.

Addressing the Covid Inquiry, No10’s ex-chief scientific adviser argued there is ‘no such thing as the science’ because it is ‘a moving body of knowledge’. Policymakers ‘hid behind this at times’, he argued.

The ‘following the science’ term, wheeled out at Downing Street press briefings at the height of the pandemic and used to justify lockdown restrictions, was taken to mean that the Government was ‘slavishly’ following advice, Sir Patrick said.

Sir Patrick, who headed up SAGE before standing down from £185,000-a-year role, said: ‘The repeated assertion undermined the importance of ministerial judgement, and the accountability of ministers for decisions.’

He said he welcomed the mantra originally because it showed that ministers were ‘listening to us’ and ‘that’s not always the case in Government’, adding: ‘But I think the way in which this was heard and possibly meant, in terms of slavishly following the science, obeying it at all times, it’s completely wrong.’

Those of us saying precisely this three years ago were vilified. We were ‘covidiots’ or conspiracy theorists, or anti scientific. Nice to know that sir Patrick has finally acknowledged what we knew then – that we were right, that we were always right. It’s a shame, however, that he went along with the bollocks. He never stood up and suggested that the naysayers might be right. I don’t recall him standing next to Half-Whitty and pointing to Sweden as the model to follow or suggesting the the Great Barrington Declaration made perfect sense.

No, Vallance remained silent and that means that I will no more forgive or forget his inaction any more than I will forgive or forget all the other criminals responsible for what we went through and the ripples we are still experiencing.

If I had my way, he would be on the gallows with the rest. He had his chance to do the right thing and he chose not to.


  1. Pompous twat.

    Boris and co were having piss ups and cake in Downing Street, an that odious Hancock was banging the maid, while my mother was dying in a nursing home, with me unable to visit under threat of arrest when I tried.

    Scum. The lit of them. Oven.

  2. I very quickly stopped wearing a mask as I found it difficult to breathe and got lightheaded on occasion. Even now when doing my weekly shop I see people wearing masks and wonder just how brainwashed can you be and still manage to function.

  3. Consider yourself lucky. Here in New Zealand we had the metric version of the Coof and had to stand 2 metres away from other people which is 6.56 feet. Clearly a more deadly version by 9% than the good old Imperial Coof, totally justifying the extra distance …

    You can look up the Diamond Princess for the numbers confined in close proximity once Covid broke out and, since people that tend to take 2 or 3 month cruises are wealthy and old, you can see the numbers that caught Covid and died from it. It is/was no more dangerous than Flu and they knew this from the start. Now the cockroaches, having had their stone lifted, are scurrying about in the light trying to protect their positions.

    Like cockroaches, they need t be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

  4. I do have a little, and it is only a little, sympathy with people who fail to speak up when their position really demands that they should. We now have an establishment that will close ranks and destroy your life if you try to go against their narrative. If you are independently wealthy and have no further political ambitions maybe you could risk it, but it is still a big risk. All that being said, it is this kind of cowardice that has lead us to this position to start with and the only way back is for people to start speaking their minds and for others to back them up, even including those that disagree.

  5. About 20 years ago it was ‘the science’ that lead to the CFC ban. We now learn this morning it did very little, if anything, to reduce the hole in the ozone layer…

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