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Well fuck off back to where you came from.

Repeating the complaints of the occupants of the centre, Mr Clarke-Holland said: “’It’s like a prison here, we’ve got no medicine, we’ve got no wifi, we’ve got no blankets, we’ve got no water’. I mean, you name it, it was on the list.

We didn’t ask you to come here. We don’t want you here. We don’t owe you anything.

Fuck off. Go back home.


  1. with all the protests by morons about Palestine, they probably think the country loves Muslims so soon they’ll be out Jew hunting as sport. In my town there a support Palestine group – the head of which is a middle class beta male whose always ranting about genocide and apartheid on facebook. When faced by facts such as the gazan population has been increasing by 2% per annum, he resolutely decides to ignore and bleat about ethnic cleaning. These people are as bad as Hamas. He’d love these freeloaders.

  2. Why do the Gov not consider the human rights of their ex-servicemen and women that are sleeping rough after returning from needless wars with physical and/or mental injuries?

    It’s just mental. Fuck the lot off, all of them. Literally millions of them. Ban immigration, all of it. Tell France it will lose all trade and fishing rights if it does not immediately prevent every single dinghy departing their shores.

    The reason this does not happen is because population replacement and the browning of western Europe is a deliberate, well orchestrated 9lan, that’s working out just fine for TPTB.

    • It will work out fine for TPTB until the muzzies take over and they are replaced by mullahs, as we steam full speed ahead to the 7th century.

  3. The daily Mail reckons that NET immigration is set to hit 700,000:

    Note the word “NET”. So, if 5 million British people leave and 5 million and one sub Saharan Africans/Muslims/others enter the country, then NET immigration is only one, so why are you worried? “We” can easily accommodate one immigrant, eh?

    The bar stewards use mealy mouthed expressions to disguise the invasion and take over of the country and welcome it, apparently. Britain will be like the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul – it was St. Sophia’s cathedral, it still exists physically but is now not a Christain place of worship. Londonistan and Britainstan are next.

  4. I’m left wondering where this complete sense of entitlement is coming from. I can’t think that this kind of whining ingratitude would get you far in any African country. Someone has been letting these people know how to get stuff by using indignant complaining as a lever.

  5. No medicine, wifi, water etc…. Sounds like the s’hole country they came from, but with worse weather.

  6. I assume the tented cities they lived in on the French coast, had hot water (as opposed to hot Care 4 Calais slappers), free wifi, hot bacon baguettes, and shed loads of Euros shovelled at them every day. The only reason they came to this country is because the numpties in government give them precisely this, less the slappers (though that’s early days yet), plus free accommodation that many tax payers can’t afford. Following WEF instructions, TPTB will continue to import more and more until this country will be unrecognisable.

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