It’s Time

The Sussex title must go.

Conservative MP Bob Seely is calling on the Parliament for urgent action after the “poisonously insidious use of race to smear the Royal Family” – and proposes to revive First World War laws that could pave the way to making the couple plain Mr and Mrs Sussex, the Mail reports.

The firm have shown remarkable restraint this past few years as the Sussexes have indulged in their repeated tantrums and narcissistic attention-seeking behaviour. While they may not be directly responsible for Scobie’s muck raking drivel, they were in a position to put a stop to it – or at the very least, loudly deny the claims it makes, but chose not to. As for asking about a child’s potential skin colour, this can be put down to natural curiosity. There is no evidence to support the racism claims.

I would like to see Scobie sued to penury for libel and the Sussexes stripped of their titles. Maybe then they will skulk away and stay out of the headlines.

One can hope.


  1. I wonder what colour Meagain is, truly.
    Her face has gone through 50 shades of beige, and she often shows arms and legs significantly a lighter shade of pale.

  2. “I wonder what colour Meagain is, truly.”

    Had she never asked, “Is it ‘cos I is black”, it would never have occurred to me that she might be.

  3. Harry Hewitt is obviously thick. I mean really thick.

    Of all the gorgeous, nice natured girls in the world, he chose an ugly, narcissistic, money grabbing, divorced American mulatto.

    The Royal Family and divorced Americans don’t have much of a track record, do they?

    • I think he married her on purpose as an “up yours” to his family. No he’s in a hole and can’t stop digging.

  4. Meanwhile King Charles is spouting climate related drivel at the Cop 28 junket for the world’s greatest hypocrites. I thought that there were rules against the reigning monarch getting involved in political matters. Hopefully parliament will have him beheaded as soon as he gets back.

      • There has been an interesting development at the Cop 28 junket.
        Cop28 president says there is ‘no science’ behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels. UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber says phase-out of coal, oil and gas would take world ‘back into caves’. since these climate junkets are usually just one big echo chamber, a dissenting voice is pretty unusual and quite significant. Of course the guy can obviously be dismissed as having a vested interest but still significant.

  5. Any idea what sex Scobie is? Can’t tell if he’s an effeminate man or trans. In either case he’s more than a bit of a dick

    • Yes, he’s a strange one. At first I wondered if he might be a female attempting to present as male. It seems that he is just a common or garden puff though. I suspect he’s been under the knife a few times.

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