Import a Death Cult

And death is what you get.

A man has died and two others, including a British man, have been injured in a knife and hammer attack on a street in central Paris.

The attack occurred near the Eiffel Tower shortly before 21:00 local time (20:00 GMT) on Saturday.

A 26-year-old French national known to security services has been arrested and anti-terrorism prosecutors have opened an investigation.

Of course, this was just a knife attack, wasn’t it? Nothing to see here.

Mr Darmanin said the alleged attacker was heard shouting “Allahu Akbar”, Arabic for “God is greatest”, and told police he was upset because “so many Muslims are dying in Afghanistan and in Palestine”.

He said the suspect served four years in jail after being convicted for planning another attack in 2016 and was on the French security services watchlist.

The man was also known to have suffered psychiatric disorders, Mr Darmanin said.

That psychiatric disorder has a name: Islam.

How long will the governments of the west ignore this very real threat to our existence? Islam is objectively evil. It is intolerant and lethal. It is not a religion of peace, it is a religion of conquest and submission. Its ultimate aim is a worldwide caliphate where the rest of us are subject to its barbaric rule. So, again, how long before people wake up? That said, the Dutch appear to have done so and Wilders’ plan to deIslamify the Netherlands is a sensible plan.


  1. How long will the governments of the west ignore this very real threat to our existence?

    As long as they can, up-to and including the murder of one or more MP’s.

    Watch out for some cretin like Lutfur Rahmen to setup what is effectively a “Muslim UK” Party and then things will get really spicy.

    The time when Labour or the Tories would just front some Muslim as their candidate in Islamic constituencies is coming to an end.

    • They have already tried. The Party of Islam didn’t meet the necessary requirements for the electoral commission, but give it time. The bastards will be back.

    • David Amess MP was knifed to death in a terrorist attack by a muslim, and the government is still ignoring the threat.

      He wasn’t the first MP to get stabbed by a muslim terrorist, either, it happened to Stephen Timms 13 years ago, and still the flood of islamists has been allowed to grow.

      If the immigration fanatics in Westminster don’t care about the safety of MPs, one can imagine their disregard for the safety of the rest of us.

  2. A governments first job is to keep it’s people safe. Everything else is secondary like education,health,transport etc.
    I’d love a victim of crime to sue any govt that lets these vermin into my country to kill.

  3. According to TF1, his mother alerted the authorities that he was (again) planning an attack.

  4. Sadly the surprise is that so few people have been killed by Muslim in France this year compared to previous years.

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