On the Up

Reform UK is now in third place.

>Reform UK has moved into third place in a new poll amid speculation over a sensational political comeback by Nigel Farage.

The survey by Redfield & Wilton Strategies put the insurgent party led by Richard Tice on 11 per cent.

It marks the first time Reform UK has come third in polling by the company and will fuel Tory nerves over splitting the right-wing vote.

Mr Tice’s party is ahead of the Liberal Democrats on 10 per cent in the survey of 2,000 UK adults carried out on January 7 and up one point from December’s polling.

This is good news as it brings them more into the public eye. Expect another hit piece in the Guardian.


  1. “Splitting the right wing vote.”

    The Tories only get some of the right wing votes because they’re perceived as being slightly less left wing than the others. If you remove Reform from the ballot and some of their votes might go to the Tories, but I suspect most would do what I would do: vote for somebody else/anybody else or “spoil” my ballot paper.

  2. Same here Frank. Parties that I will never vote for are Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem or Greens. If there are no other choices I will spoil the ballot.

    • I’ve just discovered that Tunbridge Wells will field a Reform candidate.

      This is excellent news, as we all need a break from the nonsense we’ve had to put up with for years and years…

    • I think that the name UKIP causes people to think of them as a single issue party, an issue which many will see as being already resolved.

  3. I’m still waiting for Brexit to happen.

    Politics in the UK is now becoming so fractured that I can only see an endless line of hung parliaments, minority governments, ramshackle coalitions and very regular general elections, a la Italy.

    I’m also waiting for this ‘new Hitler’s figure we are constantly warned about, because that’s what it is going to take to restore some sort of order and normality to this dying nation.

  4. Thinking about it, we are really talking about a choice between Reform and the rest. Labour or Conservative makes little difference at this stage and the Lib-Dems and Greens are irrelevant. If people start to realise this it could get very interesting. If the Cons started to get scared and started to announce a raft of genuinely Conservative policies, I still wouldn’t vote for them because I don’t trust them. They would just lie to hang onto power and then go back to their old ways.

      • Sadly, I’m so old, I remember the Democratic Labour Party (or whatever) starting with David Owen, Shirley Williams and some other bloke, all telling the universe that they were breaking the mould of politics!

        Great idea that turned out to be…!

        I think Reform have at least a fighting chance to get moving, but timing is the essence for them, and Nigel seems to be watching very closely, which I guess is the only way at the moment, while Sunak fiddles around with wasting time on Rwanda etc.

    • Yup, trust in the tories is at rock bottom, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving mob.

      Haven’t voted for any of the 2.5 main parties for probably 30 years or more now, none of them show any interest in the natives if anything the sneering supercillious attitude towards the genuine working people becomes more apparent every day.

      Andrew Bridgen was one the Tories best, and they stabbed him in the back and booted him out for failing to follow the narrative and asking prudent questions, i hope with all my heart the good people of NW Leics return him in a landslide as presuambly an independent, he’s earned their trust which is more than can be said for the rest with sadly few exceptions.

  5. Who you vote for is irrelevant until you can return the civil service to political neutrality, and good luck with that.

    • Any incoming government that wants to make a change, needs to sack the top three tiers of the uncivil service and for the rest, change their contracts making any political bias a dismissible offence and mean it.

  6. Sort of related, Stuart Fillingham does Youtube stuff about motorcycles but this one is about ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicles) and I would severely recommend listening to what he says about the rules and regulations that came into effect on 1st January 2024.


    Something to bear in mind when deciding where to place your vote and/or petition your MP – though that is basically useless as they will respond with “You are the only person that says so” and ignore you, even though they may have had thousands of such complaints.

    If I was in charge of a company that manufactured vehicles in the UK, I would close the factories down and the impact of the unemployment, loss of tax and the unemployment payments would have an impact, though I very much doubt that it would change the politicians minds.

    The comments are worth a read too.

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