Crying Wolf

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

World leaders are gathering for the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos which begins tomorrow. Eagle-eyed observers spotted a strange meeting on the agenda at the elite forum scheduled for Wednesday titled ‘Preparing for Disease X’.

Disease X is the name of the next pandemic, which experts claim could cause 20 times more deaths than a coronavirus pandemic.

The WHO has warned of a potential Disease X since 2017, a term indicating an unknown pathogen that could cause a serious international epidemic.

The reason it is unknown is because it doesn’t exist. If it doesn’t exist, how can it kill twenty times more than covid? While I am all in favour of sensible emergency planning – I did a bit of that during my rail career – it does help to be pragmatic about it and not engage in blatant scaremongering, which is what is going on here.

Public speakers at the ‘Preparing for Disease X’ event next Wednesday include Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus…

I think we can stop listening right there.


  1. Since the numbers of people who died OF Coronavirus are still uncertain (and Governments are unwilling to allow access to their databases) a warning of ’20 times worse’ is unsecured speculation.

    Plus if the answer to ‘Disease X’ is a new MRNA vaccine then the cure may be no better than the disease…

  2. Are we sure that they haven’t already got this disease X primed and ready for launch in a Chinese lab?

  3. I was a bit disappointed with COVID.
    What a stupid name.

    Black Death sounds nice and scary. Yellow Fever is intimidating. English sweats just sounds thoroughly unpleasant.
    COVID? Just sounds like a communal video rental company.
    Why not Chinese Respiratory Affliction of Pain?
    Or Chinese Flu?
    Chinese Origin Coronavirus Killer-Virus? COCK-V for short.

    They’ll have to do much better next time.

  4. Even the sheep are starting to wonder about excess serious illnesses and deaths and the clot shots, got to come up with something that can be hyped up by their bought media to point the finger of blame at and bring those wondering sheep back under the spell.

    How long till they want us in bloody masks again, didn’t play last time and won’t be complying this time either.

    Be interesting to see which celebs and meeja hacks crawl out of the woodwork to call for our cancellation/incarceration this time around, busy ironing their black uniforms and polishing the jack boots up again.

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